Inspection Xpress

Whether it's a first product launch, NPI, prototype launch, product changeover, or mass production, testing the first product coming off the production line is essential for quality and production. The Inspection Xpress FAI software and hardware developed by Accelonix helps in this workflow, working under the user's hand, supporting them in the execution of the task.

The JewelBox 70T is a practical and economical solution for small volume manufacturers and electronics repair companies. Maximum tube voltage: 80kV. These machines are suitable for electronic components,
for testing assemblies and single or multilayer printed circuits

The speed of the Takaya APT-1400F has set new standards for both the technology and its competitors. In addition to measuring the usual products, this model can also easily handle complex products or testing large quantities of products. It has six (6) movable measuring needles, two (2) of which are vertically positioned, providing access to measuring points that were previously inaccessible. In addition to standard MDA measurements, it is also equipped with basic Power - Up measurement capability. A more detailed description of the measurement capability of the equipment is given in the equipment data sheet.
Japanese quality, reliability and precision.

Smart Visual Inspection To date, the inspection of finished or semi-finished products in small and medium-sized production has been carried out by human visual inspection. Automated solutions are essential to reduce human resources while ensuring a reliable high level of quality. In the case of large series production, a customized inspection system can be easily integrated into the price of the product, but for smaller series [...]

Double-sided test equipment Takaya's high-end APT-1600FD-A is recommended for our partners where there is no question of measuring products with the highest possible test coverage at the highest possible yield. The machine's top probe system and measurement electronics are identical to those of our APT-1400F top-side test equipment, inheriting its outstanding speed, accuracy and precision. In addition, the APT-1600FD-A [...]

The GE Phoenix xIaminer X-ray machine is specifically designed for high-resolution 2D inspection of electronic components, electronic circuits and small foundry products at low investment and operating costs. The X-ray machine is equipped with a 160 kV, 20 W, infinite life, openable microfocus X-ray tube. And the CMOS Flatpanel detector provides high resolution excellent image quality for easy and efficient debugging.

The Phoenix Micromex and Nanomex neo X-ray systems are designed for high-resolution 2D and optionally 3D inspection of electronic components and electronic circuits. High resolution inspection of small components
For CT scanning, the device can be upgraded with hardware, and for the rapid scanning of complex multi-layer panels, the planarCT option is available as a software add-on. The high-performance nanofocus® tube can be used for applications ranging from sub-micron resolution to high-intensity applications.

The v|tome|x s is a versatile, high-resolution system for 3D computed tomography (micro and nano CT), 3D metrology and 2D X-ray examinations. It can be equipped with a second nanofocus X-ray tube in addition to the microfocus tube. Thanks to this unique combination, the CT system is a powerful and reliable tool covering everything from high-resolution modelling to 3D analysis of high-absorption specimens.

The GE Phoenix Vtomex M is an X-ray system designed for high-precision 3D inspection, available with a dual tube option, making it suitable for precision inspection of large wall thickness samples. Both the X-ray tube and the associated high-voltage generator are developed in-house by GE Phoenix. Using VG Studio software, CT scan data can be mapped and analysed in detail.

Versatile, high-performance, industrial microfocus X-ray equipment for micro CT scans and 2D non-destructive material testing. Handling large samples up to 800mm in diameter and 1300mm in length, up to 50kg, is no challenge. The machine is also available with a dual tube option, making it suitable for samples with large wall thicknesses and high resolution requirements. The X-ray tube, the associated high-voltage generator and the detector are all developed in-house. The equipment is ideal for the analysis of complete electronic assemblies, castings or scientific samples.

The phoenix Vtomex L450 is a versatile X-ray system for both 2D and CT mini-focus. Thanks to its granite bed manipulation system, it is ideally suited for the detection of porosity and cracks in castings, as well as for 3D metrology, such as first pattern measurement. With the optional 300 kV microfocus X-ray tube, the equipment is perfectly suited to serve any industrial application, such as electronics, and scientific research requiring high-resolution CT technology.

The phoenix Vtomex C is a compact, small footprint 450kV CT machine specifically designed for foundry testing and quality assurance laboratory tasks.
The equipment is characterised by low maintenance requirements and production-oriented design, for example, solutions that ensure easy replacement of the sample. Furthermore, the "one-button" automated CT option is also available for high productivity industrial quality assurance.

Fully automated high speed industrial inline CT for quality control and optimization of production.
The equipment is based on a rotating unit from GE medical, which carries both the X-ray tube and the special detector. This rotating unit has been further developed together with a special sample transfer conveyer to create the Inline CT solution.
Combining this system with a robot, the speed scan CT 64 can provide up to 100% CT inspection in production.

A computed tomograph designed primarily for scientific and industrial applications requiring high resolution. Typical applications are materials science, precision injection moulding, geology, biomechanics or micromechanics.