Takaya APT-1600FD-A

Dual-side test equipment

The high-end Takaya APT-1600FD-A is recommended to our partners where there is no question of measuring products with the highest possible test coverage at the highest possible yield. The machine's top probe system and measurement electronics are identical to those of our APT-1400F top-side tester, inheriting its outstanding speed, accuracy and precision. In addition to this, the APT-1600FD-A is equipped with four (4) additional bottom needle systems, which allow measurements between networks whose outlets are only accessible from 1-1 side of the product to be measured. The '-A' type designation indicates Inline equipment, which includes an integrated conveyor system, SMEMA communication, automatic program loading, tape width adjustment, and a number of automated features.


The equipment is capable of simultaneously performing a total of ten (10) test probes, bottom and top LED probes, vectorless IC test, optical test and laser height measurement on both sides of the product. The system can also be equipped with an external programmable power supply, signal generator, measuring/programming device.


Typical applications are the testing of medium to high volume products where, on the one hand, only flying probe technology is an option due to the lack of measuring points, but where the demand for high throughput is high and, on the other hand, product rotation between tests is not required. Such products are typically sensor panels from which, in automated manufacturing, several products are designed on a PCB for the purpose of bring-down.

  • 6 moving head and 10 needle flying probe system
  • 50% is faster than previous Flying probe testers
  • Smallest measurable solder pad < 60 µm
  • 16-bit DAC/ADC measurement unit, 2 x 4-quadrant DC power supply and source
  • R, L, C, diode, zener, transistor, opto-coupler, transformer measurements
  • Measurement voltage < 0,1V
  • DC/AC Voltage and current measurements
  • Measurement of dynamic characteristics of current elements (transmission gold, gain, characteristics)
  • High resolution colour CCD camera
  • Part detection (polarity, presence, displacement, wrong part), 1D, 2D barcode reading
  • Colour "Real Map" product scanning
  • Isolation test
  • Cluster test (conditional test)
  • Granite brain
  • Inline design (SMEMA connection)
  • Maximum size of the scalable panel:540 x 483 mm
  • Equipment dimensions: 1400 x 1500 x 1400 mm (W x H x D),
  • Weight: 1450 kg
  • LED sensor (wavelength and brightness measurement)
  • Integrable external power supplies and test instruments (Boundary Scan, ISP, etc.)
  • Automatic wind speed adjustment
  • MERLIN CAD conversion test program preparation SW
  • Manage around 40 CAD formats
  • Automatic resulting calculation, creation of netlink connections
  • Net Signal Wave analysis (NSW)
  • Ten moving measuring needles

  • LED intensity and colour test

  • 6 samples + 4 ICOP

  • Laser height measurement