Flying Probe

If flying probe then Takaya!

The technology was presented as a world first in 1987. The experience and knowledge gained since then have been incorporated into new milestones in technology in the Japanese-made Takaya APT-1400 and APT-1600 series. It requires little space, high speed and test coverage, low operating costs, reliable operation lasting for decades, precise movement system, outstanding measurement accuracy and, last but not least, a strong service background. RLCD measurements, Power up measurements, functional measurements and component programming options are all available by the equipment.

Premium circuit test equipment that knows no compromises. It is available in both Inline and Standalone versions. It can be viewed in our office, contact us!

The APT-1600FD-A type performs circuit testing of double-sided products without panel rotation, quickly and with a large test coverage. It is available in both inline and standalone versions.