Flying Probe


Takaya became the world leader in the marketing of Flying probe technology in 1987. Its products on the market today incorporate all the technologies that have since become a requirement for circuit board testing. Its key features are test speed, test coverage and availability. As far as speed is concerned, the axes are moved by high performance AC servo motors, which allow to perform a test step in 0,02-0,03 seconds. With its advanced measurement electronics, it can perform extended MDA measurements, in addition to basic power-up measurements, custom measurements via various interfaces, component programming. As a Japanese-built instrument, its quality and reliability will not disappoint. Its biggest market competitor is itself.



The speed of the Takaya APT-1400F has set new standards for both the technology and its competitors. In addition to measuring the usual products, this model can also easily handle complex products or testing large quantities of products. It has six (6) movable measuring needles, two (2) of which are vertically positioned, providing access to measuring points that were previously inaccessible. In addition to standard MDA measurements, it is also equipped with basic Power - Up measurement capability. A more detailed description of the measurement capability of the equipment is given in the equipment data sheet.
Japanese quality, reliability and precision.

Double-sided test equipment Takaya's high-end APT-1600FD-A is recommended for our partners where there is no question of measuring products with the highest possible test coverage at the highest possible yield. The machine's top probe system and measurement electronics are identical to those of our APT-1400F top-side test equipment, inheriting its outstanding speed, accuracy and precision. In addition, the APT-1600FD-A [...]