High performance Screen Printing

The reliable Momentum printer with new features and a new cover: the renewed Momentum II series. MPM is the world leader in high-speed, high-precision solder paste stencil printing equipment. Momentum equipment can be configured to meet a wide variety of needs, with models that differ from the basic machine in speed, enclosure size and panel handling capabilities. The most advanced printer options are also available.

MPM's innovative next generation printer platform breaks all records for both print accuracy and speed. This makes Edison the market leading solution for high volume, high precision production jobs. All MPM's innovative options can be integrated into the model.

For small production runs and prototyping, PBT's manual printers are an excellent solution for solder paste, glue or ink printing.

The GO family of motorised semi-automatic stencil printers is an excellent desktop solution for small to medium volume precision printing thanks to its adjustable print speed, knife width and separation and camera-assisted positioning.

Designed for small and medium sized manufacturing companies, this flexible, fully automatic offline paste printing station is the perfect solution for today's printing requirements. It features an automatic positioning system with camera and a built-in stencil wiping solution.