Thermal paste metering

MPP piston dispensing head

Volumetric dispensing head for always accurate dispensed volumes up to sub-microlitre ranges for thermoplastics, adhesives or pouring agents. The piston dispensing head can be used in a wide range of viscosities and thanks to its wear-resistant design, it requires little maintenance.

Scheugenpflug DosP piston volumetric dosing heads are capable of handling both 1 and 2 component materials. Maximum mixing ratio and dispensed volume are ensured, as the pistons are driven by a common pressure plate and the mixing ratio is determined by the piston diameter. The two components only meet in a static mixing shaft, thus minimising unwanted material reaction and the amount of consumable wear parts.

Solution for bucket materials These machines are the ideal solution for high viscosity bucket packaging materials with up to 1 or 2 components. Thanks to this unique Scheugenpflug pressure plate design, bucket change and deaeration is automatic in less than 5 minutes. For non-abrasive materials the A220 is the ideal choice while for highly abrasive filled materials the A280 is the ideal choice.

This equipment provides a cost-effective solution for any dispensing task, be it seal contour dispensing, thermal paste application or even atmospheric filling. The unit's CNC-controlled axis system ensures accurate positioning of the dispensing

By integrating Scheugenpflug's dispensing solutions into the Process Module, they can be easily integrated into individual new or existing automated production lines and cells. The integrated unit ensures unchanged accuracy of dosing volume and location thanks to Scheugenpflug dosing heads and shaft systems.

The CNCell is the leading model in the Scheugenpflug portfolio. This automatic dosing machine is capable of high capacity, high quality, even for high-mix production requirements. The machine is available in stand alone, inline or rotary table configurations.