Moisture-sensitive material handling

The professional handling of moisture-sensitive, MSL-rated materials is a key issue in SMT production. Incorrect storage of these intrinsically high-value components can result in failure of the entire electronic assembly or end product. Totech manufactures a wide range of products including dry storage, discharge cabinets and vacuum packaging. Storage accessories such as vacuum bags or dessicators are also available to accompany our machines.

In addition to Totech's drying cabinets, we also distribute high quality solder paste or other production aid refrigerators.




The class-leading XSD cabinets are ideal solutions for storing and baking parts and panels thanks to their efficient drying and heating unit. Totech software allows continuous monitoring of the cabinet status and full traceability of all components.

The MSD range is Totech's most popular models thanks to its powerful U-5000 unit and modularity. The central cabinet can be expanded with extension units as required, doubling or even tripling its dry storage capacity.

Totech's patented technology drying cabinets offer solutions for the storage and handling of moisture-sensitive materials in a range of sizes and capacities. With a range of drying units, heating, nitrogen injection and data collection solutions, there is a model to suit your storage needs. SD storage cabinets offer a robust design and a reliable storage solution at a lower investment cost.

HSD drying cabinets are capable of establishing and maintaining RH below 0.5% due to their higher performance and maintenance-free drying unit. Temperature and humidity changes or alerts in the cabinet can be collected using Totech software.

These cabinets are equipped with both a heating and cooling unit, so they are not only suitable for unloading parts, but also for long-term storage at low temperatures of 10C°. Under these conditions, both oxidation and intermetallic layer growth can be drastically reduced

The Dry Tower storage system combines Totech's drying technology with fully automated, unattended material handling. The system can be tailored to individual requirements and can even be expanded modularly.

Totech SDV vacuum packaging equipment is the ideal solution for packaging components or finished products in a moisture-protected environment, even in ESD-insured environments. The equipment is available in a range of sizes and even with nitrogen recovery options.

discharge cabinet

If the MSL sensitive parts spend more time than required in production, they must be baked in order to be reusable. The Totech XSDR "Reset" cabinet is able to remove moisture from components in their original packaging at 40 or 60 C° in humidity below 0.5%. Discharge times can be automatically programmed and monitored on the cabinet according to the MSL classification of the component.

xsdc cooling cabinet

The XSDC paste refrigerator is ideal for the refrigerated storage of materials used in SMT production under controlled conditions to meet industry requirements.