Dry Tower

The Dry Tower storage system combines Totech's drying technology with fully automated, unattended material handling. The system can be tailored to individual requirements and can even be expanded modularly. In addition to hardware, Totech software provides full component tracking and management.

  • Reduced logistics human resource needs
  • Maximum storage space utilisation of up to 43.000 reels/m2
  • Fully automated automatic conveyor belt and gripper system for shortened processes
  • Drying room with Totech drying unit
  • Integrated humidity management up to 1-5% RH% available
  • 40-60C°heating option
  • Drawer storage
  • Full parts tracking and inventory
  • Personalised storage layout and transport system
  • Shelf design

    Maximum space utilisation for minimum storage size.

  • Automated material handling

    Fast and accurate warehouse picking and receiving.

  • Conveyor belts

    Transfer of parts up to the production line.

  • Integrated Totech drying unit

    Ensure a stable, humidity-free environment.

  • Dry Tower software

    A complete parts tracking system for accurate and easy documentation and material management.


Dry Tower

Automated storage system with full tracebility solution