Optical inspection - AOI and SPI

Yamaha's 3D Hybrid Optical Inspection equipment is called the YRi-V. This type of machine is one of the representatives of the new series of Yamaha products. In itself, it embodies everything that can be expected from AOI equipment of our time. Such as easy programming, Gerber Import, IPC-based tuning, Offline programming and debugging, and last but not least, full automation and unattended operation.

With more than 15 years of AOI experience, YAMAHA equipment can compete on its own in the market. Equipped with a high-resolution colour camera, 3 levels of white and infrared illumination, side cameras, laser altimeter capable of individual measurements, it can compete with any AOI equipment.

Mirtec's MV-6 OMNI equipment is primarily recommended for customers looking for an easy-to-use/programmable, reliable, Full 3D AOI solution for their long term production. This model has a high availability thanks to its simple design. Its technologically advanced system will remain competitive in the AOI market for years to come.

The desktop AOI solution! Mirtec's benchtop equipment is suitable for cost-effective testing of small production runs or prototypes, whether SMD or THT. The MV-3 series is available in OMNI (3D version) or plain 2D version depending on customer and production needs. Despite its simple design, the device uses the same technology for testing that Mirtec [...]

A significant proportion of defects in the manufacture of electronic products are caused by incorrect application of solder paste. By using accurate and fast full 3D paste inspection equipment such as the Mirtec MS series, the reject rate can be minimised. The MS-11 with its dual shadowless Moire imaging, telecentric lenses and up to 15 megapixel camera is the perfect solution for error-free 3D solder paste inspection.