Yamaha Ysi-V AOI

High resolution and speed

High-speed, high-precision AOI equipment is part of Yamaha's complete line solution. Integrated into the YAMAHA SMT line, it can automatically report back to the placement machines about misplaced or incorrectly polarity parts. This allows for very fast fault feedback, minimizing the number of defective products produced. With more than 15 years of AOI experience, YAMAHA equipment is independently competitive in the market. With its high resolution colour camera, 3 levels of white and infrared illumination, side cameras, laser altimeter capable of individual measurements, it is equipped to compete with any AOI equipment. It also boasts extremely fast foreign object detection (FOD) capability and the ability to inspect drilled parts.

  • Software interface identical to other YAMAHA equipment
  • Frame structure and X-Y-Z axle system identical to YAMAHA implants
  • 12 MP colour camera with telecentric lens
  • 12 or 7 μm/pixel resolution
  • 4-way Moiré DLP-MEMS projector for 3D inspection
  • Process up to 26 images per field of view:
  • 3 multi-directional illumination (H, M, L) split into RGB colours
  • 4 images/projector 4×4=16
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) basic function
  • LED optical centre test
  • Barcode scanning with external reader or own camera
  • P-tool programming interface identical to YAMAHA equipment
  • Preliminary parts database of more than 2000 parts
  • SPC tools for quick program repair
  • Panel size: min: L 50 x W 50 mm max: L 610 x W 560 mm
  • Max overhang 40 mm at the top and 120 mm at the bottom
  • Machine size: L 1,252 mm x W 1,498 mm x H 1,550 mm
  • Weight: 1300 kg
  • Two-track design
  • 750 x 560mm max panel size or can handle longer panels on request
  • 4-way (5 MP) side camera for decision support
  • 5 μm height measurement accuracy,
  • 360° rotatable laser for unique, special height measurement tasks.
  • Automatic, programmable marker pen for marking panels identified as defective (if no barcode)
  • External arbitration and repair station software
  • Ysi-V test head


Yamaha YSi-V AOI