VGStudio Training

Volumegraphics by accredited training (VGSTUDIO MAX 3.3 Introductory Training):

-2 days of education

-Official diploma after successful completion of the training

-200 pages of course material, which is given to all students in hard copy

-can be done at the partner's premises or at Elas

-Available in Hungarian or English

-Each participant can sit in front of their own PC, with the necessary number of licences provided by Elas

-The licence used for training can be used for 1-2 weeks after the training

-Organised by Volumegraphics advanced training participation is also conditional on attending an introductory training. Our Introductory training is also accepted for this

-Topics: CT technology basics/introduction, VGStudio basic functions, Visualization, Surface definition, Segmentation, Report generation, Coordinate measurement module, Nominal/Actual comparison module, Porosity/Inclusion analysis module, Enhanced Porosity/Inclusion analysis module, Wall thickness analysis module




In addition to training, we can provide tailored, on-demand assistance in the analysis/data processing of our partners' own samples, e.g:

-Accelerate, optimise and automate existing investigations, set up reports

-Figuring out and setting up testing options for new tasks


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