Small and medium series implanters

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic solutions

With over 40 years of expertise in SMT technology, the new Manipulator range from German company Fritsch is ideal for the production of high quality prototypes and small series electronic devices. Whether for entry-level SMT manufacturing or academic research and development, Fritsch's Manipulator insertion machines are the perfect solution. They are equipped with features such as an axis system, a positioning camera or a paste or glue dispenser, which support the user efficiently in his daily work.

The placeALL placement machine family provides a fully automatic solution for even medium volume precision production. These machines are recommended for those with high product variety. The machines are available with different working space sizes, a large number of feeder positions, offline or inline configurations.

placeAll 620 planter

FRITSCH placeALL® automatic insertion systems ensure flexible, high-precision and cost-effective Pick & Place solutions for electronic components. The placeALL automatic inserters are ideally suited for prototyping as well as for small and medium series production.

Sm902 placer

The new Manipulator product range from Fritsch, a company renowned in SMT technology, is ideal for the production of high-quality prototypes and small series of electronic devices, for entry-level SMT manufacturing or for academic research and development. The modular design of the manual and semi-automatic assembly systems allows the entire process to be carried out, from the dispensing of solder paste or glue to the insertion of the various chips and components.