Material preparation, material dispensing

A key element of any dosing task is the delivery of the right quality and quantity of material to the dosing head. And to keep the material in a dispensing condition, either airtight, bubble-free, circulating or heated during production. Even the most accurate dispensing head is useless without a suitable material prep or dispenser.

Scheugenpflug systems offer the right solution for the materials typically used in industry, be they self-dispersing or disintegrating fillers, abrasive, highly filled heat conductive pastes or sealants. Our machines can handle any size of packaging from tubes, buckets to 200 litre drums.

This Scheugenpflug material feeder family is an entry-level category in the world of automated feeding. Ideal for applications where material mixing is not necessary and material consumption is low. Its most popular model, the A90C, can be connected to any tube on the market, based on the piston principle, ensuring the correct material pressure to the dispensing head.

LiquiPrep (LP804), the improved successor of A310, is suitable for the preparation of low viscosity, self-leveling and potting materials, fully homogeneous and bubble-free. The diaphragm feed pumps provide uniform and accurate material transfer with even lower maintenance requirements.

This Scheugenpflug material preparation unit simultaneously prepares, maintains the correct quality and transports the material to the feed head. It is the ideal solution for airtight or heated storage of moisture-sensitive materials (polyurethanes), for de-bubbling or for homogenisation of filled materials that are prone to separation.

Solution for bucket materials These machines are the ideal solution for high viscosity bucket packaging materials with up to 1 or 2 components. Thanks to this unique Scheugenpflug pressure plate design, bucket change and deaeration is automatic in less than 5 minutes. For non-abrasive materials the A220 is the ideal choice while for highly abrasive filled materials the A280 is the ideal choice.

The Scheugenpflug drum mixing station provides a unique solution on the market for the de-bubbling, homogenisation and air and moisture free storage and preparation of 200 litre drum materials (e.g. polyurethanes). Ideal for applications where material loss is significant.