LP804 material preparation unit

For self-leveling materials

LiquiPrep (LP804) is a material preparator for the A310 its improved successor, suitable for low viscosity, self-leveling and filler (potting) materials, completely homogeneous and bubble-free. The diaphragm feed pumps ensure uniform and accurate material transfer with even less maintenance than before. The new EViS touchscreen interface is easy to understand and can be quickly and easily customised to suit different needs.

  • for 1 or 2 component self-extruding material (polyurethane, epoxy or silicone resins)
  • 2 mbar vacuum preparation for completely bubble-free material preparation
  • Redundant pump design for continuous material transfer
  • 20L or 50L material containers
  • Built-in mixer to prevent separation of charged materials
  • Circulation between the dispensing head and the tank
  • Tank, pump and tube heating
  • Easy to understand and customise EViS interface
  • Connected at atmospheric or vacuum Scheugenpflug for dosing equipment


  • W × D × H: 1000 × 2050 × 770 mm (1K-50l)
  • W × D × H: 1500 × 2050 × 770 mm (2K 60/60l)


  • approx. 280 kg (1K 50 l)
  • approx. 430 kg (2K 50/50 l)

Capacity: 100 ml per stroke

Power supply: 3 x 400 V~, 50/60 Hz, CEE 16 A

Ejector: up to 180 mbar (6 bar mains air pressure)

Vacuum pump: up to 2 mbar

Heating: max 80°C

Mixing speed: 39 rpm

  • LiquiPrep LP804

    Compact clean design

  • LP804 50/20L

    Easy access for maintenance

  • EViS management interface

    Customizable user interface

  • EVIS management interface

  • LP804 Pump

    Double diaphragm pump

  • LP804 Pump

    Continuous material supply with low maintenance

  • LP804 Tank 50L


Scouring plough LP804

Preparation trolley for airtight preparation and application of self-leveling and potting materials