Dispensing needles and accessories

A key element in any dispensing process is the right quality dispensing needle, without which even the most precise system is worthless. Musashi produces a range of dispensing needles for its own and other dispensing systems. Our range includes dispensing needles of various designs, lengths and diameters in metal or plastic.

In addition, we can deliver our dispensing needles and other dispensing accessories from stock within 1-2 days!



The best dispensing system is worth nothing without a quality dispensing needle. Musashi offers proprietary dispensing accessories for Musashi or other dispensers. Available in metal or plastic, straight or conical dispensing needles in various sizes to fit any dispensing task. In addition to quality, we have the advantage of being able to supply Musashi needles from stock at competitive prices and short delivery times.

Musashi tubes made in Japan are polished from the inside to ensure the piston moves as smoothly as possible without any obstruction. They are now available in 1 to 100 ml packs, in either ESD or UV protected versions. Musashi tube plunger versions are suitable for different viscosities to achieve the most accurate dispensing and less material loss. Parts available from stock with fast delivery!