Tubes and other dispensing accessories

Musashi tubes made in Japan are polished from the inside to ensure the piston moves as smoothly as possible without any obstruction. They are now available in 1 to 100 ml packs, in either ESD or UV protected versions. Musashi tube plunger versions are suitable for different viscosities to achieve the most accurate dispensing and less material loss. Parts available from stock with fast delivery!

  • Dosing tubes in 1; 5; 10; 30; 50 or 100 ml sizes
  • Coloured, scaled, UV protected, antistatic, heat resistant up to 180°C or even stainless steel tubes
  • Pumps for any viscosity, for accurate dosing and minimum material loss
  • Tube sealing caps and caps
  • Air tubes in sizes 1 - 5 metres
  • Tube racks
  • Musashi Japan's No. 1.

    Musashi, Japan's number one dispensing technology manufacturer

  • Pumps for dosing tube

    Pistons suitable for any viscosity can be ordered from Musashi.