Potting, potting under vacuum

LiquiPrep (LP804), the improved successor of A310, is suitable for the preparation of low viscosity, self-leveling and potting materials, fully homogeneous and bubble-free. The diaphragm feed pumps provide uniform and accurate material transfer with even lower maintenance requirements.

Scheugenpflug is the market leader in potting solutions from prototyping to inline mass production. This process provides excellent, bubble-free, homogeneous dispensing quality for filling coils, sensors or motors with self-spreading materials.

This Scheugenpflug material preparation unit simultaneously prepares, maintains the correct quality and transports the material to the feed head. It is the ideal solution for airtight or heated storage of moisture-sensitive materials (polyurethanes), for de-bubbling or for homogenisation of filled materials that are prone to separation.

The Scheugenpflug drum mixing station provides a unique solution on the market for the de-bubbling, homogenisation and air and moisture free storage and preparation of 200 litre drum materials (e.g. polyurethanes). Ideal for applications where material loss is significant.