VDS series

Scheugenpflug is the market leader in potting solutions from prototyping to inline mass production. This process provides excellent, bubble-free, homogeneous dispensing quality for filling coils, sensors or motors with self-spreading materials. The entry-level LeanVDS equipment delivers the quality benefits of under vacuum filling for small to medium capacity and prototype manufacturers. All at a low investment cost. While the VDS series, with its larger working area, Scheugenpflug's versatile automation solutions and up to multiple mixing stem designs, is the perfect solution for those who value high dispensing quality as well as short cycle times.

  • Bubble-free even dispensing
  • High quality low reject rate
  • Air-tight filling of products (coils, other parts), even with complex geometries
  • Vacuum bonding, inclusion-free thermal paste application without mechanical stress on components
  • Application specific vacuum generation (from 500 to 5 mbar)
  • Scheugenpflug can be installed in any dispenser head
  • Vacuum material preparation unit (A310, LP804) required
  • Low operating costs
  • Robust construction

VDS series

  • Various equipment:
  • VDS Basic; Universal; Power
  • Working space 300 x 300 or 420 x 420 mm
  • From 1 to 12 mixing stems
  • XYZ axis system maximum stroke (mm): 920 x 85 x 200
  • Product, mixing stem, dosing head heating
  • Parking glass
  • UVISneo control unit
  • 5 mbar vacuum value
  • Custom VDS: Inline up to multi vacuum chamber custom designed equipment

LeanVDS series

  • Smaller version of VDS series for small capacity and prototyping
  • Working space 300 x 300 or 420 x 420 mm
  • Maximum stroke XYZ (mm): 180 x 180 x 100
  • 1 or 2 stirrer stem design
  • Optional XYZ axis system
  • Vacuum value up to 5 mbar
  • SCP200+ control unit
  • Lean VDS

    For small capacity, prototyping.

  • VDS U

    Universal solution with movement.

  • VDS Basic

    Flameless vacuum cell for pouring even larger pieces

  • VDS P

    Efficient solution for high capacities up to multiple mixing stems

  • Inline VDS

    Vacuum dosing also available in inline version.


VDS P sensor filling

Automotive sensors have a vital role to play under extreme environmental conditions. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that they are manufactured fault-free to ensure their reliability.

Vacuum bonding

The VDS series is not only suitable for filling tasks, but also for the air-tight, even application of thermally conductive materials without excessive mechanical stress on the components.

Inline VDS

Three consecutive vacuum chamber Scheugenpflug units result in extremely short cycle times and outstanding process safety.

Lean VDS

Scheugenpflug's vacuum dispensing technology in a compact size and at an attractive price for small and medium series.