Electronic industrial cleaning equipment

In the electronics industry, keeping production tools (stencils, printing knives, soldering frames) clean is key to manufacturing quality and their lifetime. PBT Works' linear washing arm stencil washing technology can achieve the most efficient washing results on the market, both in terms of cycle time and quality, with low solvent consumption.

Another key technology area at PBT Works is the washing of finished PCBs, cleaning them of flux residues and other contaminants that have been transferred to the panels during production. Even residual materials from no-clean fluxes can cause failure in applications that are highly exposed to extreme external influences, such as automotive electronics, military, aerospace and medical electronics. PBT for these applications are SuperSwash, HyperSwash, CompaClean and ModulClean depending on the cleaning capacity.

The third important area is the fast and thorough cleaning of soldering machine components, such as reflow furnace condensers, wave soldering elements. For these CompaClean and FluxClean SD washing machines are the right choices.


High efficiency and high capacity precision panel washer. The machine's linear washing arm is capable of cleaning with higher fluid pressure than ever before and in a larger working envelope. Multiple arm configurations are available to suit the cleaning task.

The equipment is suitable for the removal of metal stencil plates and frames, solder paste or adhesive residues and small quantities of PCBs used in SMT production. The performance/price ratio of the machine is outstanding on the market. Thanks to its special design, it can safely clean both PumpPrint and stencils thinner than 100 microns.

Automatic, high-pressure cleaning system for cleaning stencils, misprints and mounted panels. Thanks to the innovative design of the cleaning chamber, nozzle system, suction and mist extraction system, drastically reduced detergent consumption and perfect wash quality in a short cycle time!

Precision electronics manufacturing increasingly requires a high-speed, reliable washing process. Electrovert has been manufacturing in-line washing equipment for more than 40 years and has a wealth of experience in this booming field. The Aquastorm series provides the best washing efficiency and economical solution for high-capacity washing tasks, whether chemical or aqueous cleaning.

This equipment is the ideal solution for higher capacity washing of implanted products and soldering frames. Thanks to the innovative water treatment, detergent consumption is minimised. The wash baskets move over 68 high-pressure nozzles on the top and bottom to ensure that the products do not overshadow each other, i.e. the detergent reaches all points of the products.

Today, with selective soldering stations becoming more and more common, there is still a need to clean wave soldering equipment and with it wave soldering pallets. PBT's custom-developed machine protects pallets from damage and increases the lifetime of the pallets by using a high-capacity liquid flow process and efficient drying.