Compact stencil washer

The equipment is suitable for the removal of metal stencil plates and frames, solder paste or adhesive residues and small quantities of PCBs used in SMT production. The performance/price ratio of the stencil washer is outstanding on the market. Thanks to its special design, it can safely clean both PumpPrint and stencils thinner than 100 microns.

  • Washing stents, misprints, knives
  • Works with water-based detergents
  • Stainless steel chamber and casing
  • High pressure cleaning, spray in air technology
  • Double-sided balanced spray pressure with synchronized rotary arms
  • Hot air drying process with programmable temperature and extraction
  • Extremely low detergent consumption
  • Controlled parameters
    • Cleaning time
    • Warm air drying time
    • Monitoring the cleaning fluid level
    • Monitoring the quality of flushing fluid
    • Monitoring mechanical filter status

Typical cycle times:

  • Stencil 10-15 minutes
  • Mounted panel 30 minutes

Max. washable size: 740 x 740 x 80 mm

Equipment dimensions: 1 503 x 777 x 1 191 mm (W x H x D), 250 kg

  • Multiple configurations (washer, washer-rinse and washer-rinse-rinse)
  • Connectivity to an external water source
  • Zero Drain, drainless operability in the production area
  • Connectable to central extraction
  • Lighting tower
  • Stencil and product barcode scanning
  • Synchronised cranks

    Motor driven rotation with asymmetric nozzle distribution for homogeneous and fast washing results.

  • MiniSwash staff

    Stencils, mounted panels or even soldering frames can be washed in the machine's work area.

  • MiniSwash II. two liquid circuit machines.

    The ideal solution for rinsing stencils.

  • MiniSwash II. two liquid circuit washers.

    Simple configuration for solder palette washing.

  • MiniSwash III. three liquid cycle washer.

    Thanks to its double water treatment system, it is the right choice for washing mounted PCBs.


MiniSwash stencil washer, the compact solution

The MiniSwash machine has a built-in high pressure spray wash, up to distilled water rinse and heated air knife for perfectly clean and dry stencils.