At ELAS, we believe it is important to provide the right knowledge to go with our equipment. We not only help you to use our equipment, but also to understand the intricacies of the manufacturing or testing techniques that they perform. That's why we make it a priority to organise IPC training courses and customised manufacturing technology training for the global body that brings together the electronics manufacturing industry.

IPC training centre

The IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries - is a voluntary, international association of electronics industry players, whose recommendations and standards are incorporated by the majority of industry players into their own internal standards and specifications.
ELASKft. is a Licensed IPC Training and Certifi cation Center and a registered member of the IPC. ELAS teaches a number of IPC standards with training and certification programmes, three at trainer (CIT) level and two at application (CIS) level. We offer trainer training in IPC-A-610, IPC-7711/21 and J-STD-001. Through our IPC trainers, successful candidates who pass the IPC on-line exam can become CIS or CIT,
obtain an individually numbered certificate. IPC certificates are internationally valid and valid for 2 years. Expired certifications can be renewed regardless of the original place of certification.

Our IPC training courses:

Acceptance of electronic assemblies
Reworking of electronic assemblies,
modify and repair
Electrical and electronic fittings
soldering requirements
Cable and harness assemblies
requirements and acceptance criteria
Acceptability criteria for circuit boards


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