Pick and Place

Yamaha's philosophy is to launch products that always offer something special in their category compared to the competition. Whether it's outstanding speed, a wide range of interchangeable parts, or simply the usual Japanese quality, availability and not least cost-effective operation. What we can say for sure is that those who know Yamaha transplanters will not be reluctant to switch to another, and those who didn't know them before will quickly grow to love them. Try it for yourself!


The implanting machines listed below are part of Yamaha's Total Line Soltution (complete Yamaha factory line), which includes Paste Printer, Glue or Paste Dispenser, 3D SPI, pick & place, and 3D AOI machines from one manufacturer, one source!


Yamaha will launch the YRM20, equipped with the most innovative technologies, from April 2020. With speed and capability similar to its predecessor, it will serve the High Mix and High Volume markets.

Yamaha YSM20 planter

The flagship of the Yamaha pick and place portfolio is the YSM series. Among them, the YSM20R transplanters combine speed and versatility of transplanting thanks to high feeder and tray placement and multiple transplant heads. With its large working envelope, the YSM20RW model is an excellent solution for particularly large applications such as LED.

Yamaha Sigma production line G5S / F8S

Yamaha completes its portfolio with the Sigma series, developed in Japan but formerly known as Hitachi. Similar to the YSM20R, it is designed for high mix and/or high volume production without compromise.

From our wide range of transplanters, this is our entry-level machine, which differs from its big brothers in price and speed. It is equal in quality, reliability, accuracy and usability.

The YSM40R is Yamaha's smallest footprint but fastest speed planter. It is the solution to compensate for infinitely decreasing cycle times and to meet future mass production needs in terms of both planting and quality.

Yamaha SMT software

A special feature of YAMAHA machines is the full integration of in-house produced paste printer and AOI equipment into the production support software package. With this concept, the line manageability, number of micro stops, reaction times and even production cycle times can be significantly reduced. Features such as print offset and badmark feedforward from the stencil printer to the implantor, or implantation error feedback from the AOI to the implantor make the YAMAHA solution unique.