High-speed compact modular SMT implanter


The Yamaha YSM10 type represents a three-in-one concept. The previously highly popular YS12 series combines the performance of three equipment types in one machine, combining the speed of insertion (unrivalled in its class) and the extensive insertion of parts in one insertion head. Speed and accuracy are ensured by the YSM Series drive system.


It is the entry-level model in Yamaha's portfolio in terms of speed and modularity, but it is fully equal in quality to the rest of the YSM range. It's the only machine available with a 5-pipette HM head, sacrificing a little speed to reduce the cost of ownership.


>2000 types of special nozzles are available for the equipment.


  • HM10 implant head with 10 pipettes: 46.000 CPH
  • HM5 implant head with 10 pipettes: 31.000 CPH
  • Scan camera for faster part recognition
  • Insertion panel: from L 50 x W 50 mm to L 510 x W 460 mm
    * Optional : L 610 mm available
  • Parts to be inserted: 03015mm - W 55 x L 100 mm (with split recognition above W 45 mm), H: 15 mm or less
  • Insertion accuracy: ± 0.035 mm (± 0.025 mm) Cpk ≧ 1.0 (3 σ)
  • 96 pieces - 8mm tape feeder space
  • fixed built-in tray space
  • with automatic tray dispensing system (sATS 15)

Part of Yamaha Total Line Solution (complete SMT production line)

  • Dimensions: l × w × h:
  • 1254 x 1440 x 1445 mm
  • Weight: 1270 kg
  • Power supply: 3-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V ± 10 % 50/60 Hz
  • Air: 0.45MPa

Yamaha software package:

  • P-Tool, production optimisation software
  • M-Tool, for quality control
  • T-Tool, for production tracking
  • S-Tool, for production start-up

A number of additional HW and SW options are available.

  • YSM implantation heads

    YSM machines' insertion heads allow any part to be inserted precisely and quickly.


Introducing YSM10

The perfect model for small and medium producers, it incorporates the latest innovations from Yamaha's transplanters.