Robot soldering

There is a growing demand for automation of manual soldering operations. With more than 20 years of experience in soldering, Elmotec's machines are the ideal solution for these often challenging and complex tasks.

The Elmotec range includes equipment for benchtop applications, where flexible small or medium series production is required, soldering units that can be integrated on robots or target machines, or even complete customized automatic soldering stations.

When it comes to soldering, the key is to test the process, so we welcome all interested parties to come and test soldering on our SolderSmart robot in the ELAS lab.

The SolderSmart® soldering robot from ELMOTEC, a well known soldering technology company, is the perfect solution for soldering leads, connectors and THT components. Thanks to its built-in options, such as automatic pick tip calibration and automatic zero point calibration, it enables repeatable high-precision, high-quality soldering processes.