Table top soldering robot


Developed and manufactured by ELMOTEC of Switzerland, the SolderSmart® soldering robot meets the highest technical standards.

Its repeatability takes production quality to a new level thanks to the high precision XYZ electric linear axes and automatic zero point calibration.

Typically used for soldering leads, connectors, THT components.

A simple plug & play solution, ready for monitoring and traceability - documenting all points of the soldering process with photos if needed.

  • Large worktable size: 483*383mm
  • Fully automatic zero calibration and solder tip measurement
  • Automatic solder tip maintenance control
  • Learning trigger points with an integrated camera
  • Integrated industrial PC
  • Rotary brush cleaning station
  • High precision wire feeder - with integrated control, data logger, process parameter monitoring
  • Integrated extraction device - direct extraction at the soldering head
  • Working area 483×383 mm
  • Stepper motor X,Y,Z drive
  • Axis accuracy ± 0,02 mm
  • Speed approx. 400mm/s
  • Power consumption max. 10A
  • Supply voltage 1x 110 VAC / 1x 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Ethernet / USB / Digital I.O / HDMI
  • Dimensions: 880 x 880 x 770mm (830mm with enclosure)
  • Weight: 75 kg (basic model)
  • Colour process monitoring camera - for real-time process tracking, traceability, alignment of pickle tip to solder points
  • Protective cover - CE and ESD aspects
  • Self-closing and self-opening drawer system with two drawers - while the robot is soldering on one side, the operator can change the already soldered parts on the other side
  • Direct LED lighting to the work area
  • Machine Vision System - automatically detects and corrects position inaccuracies
  • Touch screen
  • Scanner for traceability, greater process security
  • Machine frame with vibration-damped rollers that can be levelled and locked.
  • Account system

    Productivity 100%

  • Intuitive operation

    Intuitive training, traceability, maintenance supervision

  • Automatic peak detection

    Ensures the use of the correct size of pickle cone

  • Automatic zero point calibration

    Ensures that the peacock peak is always set correctly

  • Integrated TIpCleanerSmart

    Wide rotary brush cleaning equipment


SolderSmart® soldering robot with picks

Replace your manual soldering tasks with the SolderSmart® desktop solution. The SolderSmart® soldering robot meets the highest technical standards ensuring controlled and documented soldering processes.