E-Lab showroom

Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity to present the technologies we recommend live and in operation to our partners. That's why we have a lot of equipment available in our demo lab in Budapest,... DETAILS

Industrial X-ray inspection

E-lab, the pride of our showroom, is the GE Phoenix Micromex CT X-ray machine. The machine allows us to offer our partners a high-resolution 2D or even 3D X-ray examination option. We welcome anyone who needs a debugging solution or quality control capability. In addition to Micromex's technical capabilities, the ELAS team leverages its expertise in the inspection and manufacturing of electronic products... DETAILS


ELAS Ltd., drawing on the extensive experience gained through the leading electronic manufacturing equipment manufacturers it distributes, has always attached great importance to professional training in addition to providing consultancy and manufacturing support in electronic manufacturing technology. Our training courses are basically divided into two main areas, IPC and electronics manufacturing technology courses. DETAILS

Service / Support

At ELAS, we also provide close support for the machines we sell, whether it's technical advice, service or spare parts. In addition to equipment support, we also share with our partners our 15 years of experience in industry-advancing processes and technologies, from project implementation advice or technical seminars. DETAILS

About us

ELAS Ltd. has been offering a full range of sales, service and spare parts services for our manufacturing and test equipment to the electronics and other industries since 1999. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with knowledge and support alongside our high-tech machines. Our team of 24 professionals provides support for our existing equipment and welcomes any professional challenge for new start-up projects. DETAILS




ELAS provides complete automated solutions for the various dispensing tasks in the electronics industry, be it bonding, filling, vacuum potting, sealing, shape tracking, solder paste, SMT adhesive or even thermal paste dispensing.

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Musashi Engineering


SMT technologies

Yamaha complete SMT production line

To create a complete SMT production line, ELAS recommends equipment from well-known and reliable manufacturers. For each technological step, we recommend equipment from the following suppliers:

Panel handling, marking- Nutek

Stencil printing - MPM

Pick and Place- Yamaha

Reflow soldering - Electrovert

Automatic optical inspection - Yamaha, Mirtec



Soldering is the heart of electronics manufacturing. We provide automatic soldering machines from our leading suppliers for a variety of soldering task:

Reflow soldering - Electrovert

Wave soldering - Electrovert

Selective Soldering - Pillarhouse

Robot soldering - Elmotec

Vapour phase soldering - Exmore



In the modern electronics industry, quality and reliability are key factors. To ensure these aspects, we have a range of different test equipment in our portfolio:

Optical inspection machine (AOI and SPI) - Mirtec, Yamaha

Industrial 2D and CT X-ray machine - GE Phoenix

Flying probe ICT (Flying probe) - Takaya 



In our application technology lab, the E-LAB-you will find many of the equipment we sell. This allows us to demonstrate the capabilities of the equipment to our partners and to carry out soldering and testing tasks. The laboratory has two  GE Phoenix X-ray are also available, with operator training available on request.


IPC training centre

ELAS is a Licensed IPC Training and Certification Center and a registered member of the IPC. We also train a number of IPC standards with training and certification programmes at the application (CIS) level and three standards at the trainer (CIT) level (IPC-A-610, IPC-7711/21 and J-STD-001). Our IPC instructors are available anywhere in the country and in our own office classrooms for those wishing to gain a qualification.

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ELAS on innoelectro fair

ELAS is again at the INNOELECTRO exhibition between April 23 and 25 in the BOK Hall in Budapest!

This year, ELAS will be present with a bigger stand than ever before at the INNOELECTRO 2024 exhibition organized by MELT between April 23 and April 25 in the BOK hall! We warmly welcome everyone at stand C01, whether you are looking for a solution to your manufacturing technology challenges or just want to get to know the latest innovations in the electronics industry. Compared to before, we are equipped with much more equipment in the fields of SMT production, X-ray technology, various soldering techniques, flying probe, rework, dosing technology, and cleaning tasks.

We will contact you soon with further details, keep an eye on our page!

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ev-6 thermal profiler

Evolution in thermal profile measurement!


ECD MOLE™ EV6, the world's only thermal profiler with a touch screen, is now available in the ELAS range. The device provides thermal profile measurement with a revolutionary new design during the detailed data collection and touch screen management comfort. The portable thermal profiler enables configuration, measurement and data analysis right on the device – saving time and reducing the need for intensive operator training by providing immediately actionable information. The ECD MOLE EV6 thermal profiler with the help of its smartphone-like capacitive touchscreen users literally have data at their fingertips.

six-channel ECD MOLE EV6 is all ECD RIDER™ mechanical compatible with quality management technology. The six-channel MOLE™ EV6 can be integrated with all ECD RIDER™ machines.


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Connector-pin test by vertical probe-1 for web

We have launched our new wage measurement service

Takaya Flying probe ICT test service

With the growth of our demo machine park, we launched our new testing service, with the help of which we give electronic manufacturers the opportunity to measure the LRCD and powerup of almost any of their products. The flying probe technique does not require a test fixture or established test points. With its programmable measuring needles, we achieve outstanding test coverage.


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Backup_copy_of_Logo Automation Soldering

ELMOTEC - new partner and technology

Robotic ironsoldering

Soldering is the heart of all electronics manufacturing, which is why ELAS has been involved in reflow, wave, selective, vapour phase soldering machines and soldering training under the IPC umbrella and with its own thematics since the beginning. Our newest partner, ELMOTEC AG from Switzerland, complements this portfolio with its versatile ironsoldering robots. These robots are ideal solutions for the rapidly growing automation demand to replace manual soldering. In addition its SolderSmart desktop robot, ELMOTEC also offers integrable soldering units and inline machines for any customized task.


Our demo equipment is coming soon! We welcome all interested parties who would like to automate their manual brazing production!
fritsch smt

Small series of manual and automatic pick and place machines:

Fritsch SMT

The renowned German manufacturer specialises in the development of manual and automatic placement machines. These machines are recommended for those who are just starting out in electronics manufacturing or for small batch producers who need flexibility but still need a precise and reliable machine. With a wide range of insertable parts and a large feeder count, Fritsch machines are ideal for high-mix and low-volume production with little changeover. In addition to solder paste dispensing heads that can be integrated into Fritsch machines, the product range also includes manual stencil printers and minireflow ovens, so that a complete small batch production line can be set up on demand.

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selective rider

Selective Rider - selective soldering machine capibility device

A replacement tool from ECD that allows the performance of any selective soldering machine to be repeatedly tested and monitored without a test panel. The data can be displayed in a new module of the well-known MoleMAP software and the customised key process indicators (KPIs) can be statistically analysed (SPC).


Main selective soldering parameters to be tested:

Preheat temperature, solder height, real nozzle position (X, Y, Z), solder diameter, solder temperature at the end of the nozzle and immersion time. And with the MiniFluxometer, the scattering pattern of the DropJet or Ultrasonic Fluxer can be examined and any clogging or application slippage can be detected.


The instrument can be used to test any make of inline or offline selective soldering machine. We are also available for on-site testing, please contact us at elas@elas.hu at.


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Alcohol wipes and aerosols from Microcare

The US manufacturer offers a range of lint-free wipes with higher alcohol content than 70% for general cleaning tasks, infused with medical grade alcohol (isopropyl and other alcohols) and a range of alcohol aerosol sprays. These can be used to quickly and easily clean any frequently used work area or machine surface. Microcare products are available from ELAS warehouse in Budapest with fast delivery.


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volume graphics

ELAS is an accredited training centre for Volume Graphics

From 2020 our colleague Gábor Tamás will be the Volume Graphics, has become an accredited trainer of CT X-ray imaging and analysis software, and since 2020 ELAS has been offering personalised training to anyone who high-resolution 3D CT X-ray equipment whether you work in the electronics industry, mechanical engineering, foundry or even materials science.

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