Manual cleaning products

tergo metal cleaning fluid

Microcare's metal cleaning fluid is ideal for removing heavy hydrocarbons, greases, oils, burnt-on fluxes or silicones. The cleaner is compatible with a wide range of materials so a wide range of products can be washed with it. True azeotropic Tergo is non-flammable, thermally and hydrolytically non-degradable. Ideal for washing 3D printed parts!

MicroCare products from the US are cleaning products specially developed for the electronics industry. The range includes solvents for solvent removal, auxiliary materials for circuit repair and chemicals for machine and component cleaning.

lint-free wipes

Alcohol-free lint-free wipes are an indispensable accessory for all precision manufacturing, ideal for general cleaning of any surface. The wipes are infused with higher than 70% medical grade alcohol. Microcare offers wipes in different sizes for the electronics industry, optical manufacturing, food industry and other areas.