Microcare cleaning products

Cleaning products for industry

MicroCare products from the US are cleaning products specially developed for the electronics industry. The range includes flux removal solvents, auxiliary materials for circuit repair tasks and chemicals for machine and component cleaning. Contact us with your cleaning task and we will test our materials together, even on your premises!

Panel cleaning, flux removal

    • Lead-free flux removal - PowerClea
    • no Clean flux removal - VeriClean
    • Resin flux removal - SuperClean
    • Water-based flux removal - ProClean
    • Burnt, strong ionic activator for flux removal - Polar Flux Remover
    • Detergent soaked lint-free wipes
    • Cleaning sticks
    • ESD-safe Trigger grip® pressure relief desktop adapter for economical and effective working

Panel repair, rewinding

    • Contact cleaning solvent - Universal ContaClean
    • Freezer spray - Freeze
    • High purity compressed air - Blast
    • For maintenance
      - Reflow Oven Cleaner - Reflow Oven Cleaner
      - Solvent paste for stencil cleaning - Aqueous Cleaner

Tag removal

    • Tidy Pen label remover pen

For maintenance

    • Reflow Oven Cleaner - Reflow Oven Cleaner
    • Solvent paste for stencil cleaning - Aqueous Cleaner

In addition to the electronics industry, we also offer professional solutions for optical applications with our Sticklers range:

  • Cleaning optical connectors
  • Cleaning fibre optics
  • Cleaning of other optical components, lenses
  • ProClean flux remover

    An economical and effective solution for cleaning solvent residues

  • Universal Contact Cleaner

    For fast and efficient cleaning of electrical connectors.

  • PowerClean

    Highly effective flux remover for burnt-on contamination

  • Trigger Grip

    Pressure reducing adapter for chemical usage up to 66%.

  • Reflow Oven Cleaner

    Heat-activated material for furnace maintenance and component cleaning.

  • Stencil washing fluid

    Water-based chemical for manual stencil washing.

  • Wipes

    Microcare impregnated lint-free wipes, cleaning in one go.

  • lint-free wipes.

    High quality lint-free wipes in a wide range of sizes.

  • Tidy pen

    Label removal from any surface.

  • Sticklers

    Dry and wet cleaning of optical cables and connectors.


Trigger Grip

Use Microcare's patented adapter to save up to 66% of cleaning detergent!

Flux removal of old radio unit

Microcare materials even remove old, burnt-on flux residues from any electronics

Environment and health protection

Microcare's green range of chemicals can reduce environmental impact