E-Lab showroom

Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity to present the technologies we recommend live and in operation to our partners. That is why we have a lot of equipment available in our demo lab in Budapest so that our partners can try it out in their real applications.


We plan to hold high-level technology demonstrations and production technology courses on the demo machines in the ELAS laboratory.

We would also like to provide the opportunity for operator, maintenance and programming training for certain types of machines, both at beginner and advanced levels - away from production, in a quiet, calm environment.

E-LAB equipment:

SMT demo production line

We have filled our SMT production line with selected equipment, on which we can make the latest SMT production technologies tangible for interested parties.


Our sample production line starts with a NUTEK panel loading station, where the PCB is loaded from the magazine and transferred to the production line. This is followed by an ITW EAE-made Momentum II HiE Stencil Printer for paste printing tasks. The product goes through a NUTEK linking conveyor to a Dual Beam Yamaha YRM20 Premium Modular implanter, after which it is sent through a subsequent NUTEK linking conveyor and examined with the Yamaha YRI-V 3D Hybrid AOI system. After the inspection, the product reaches the end of the production line, where the NUTEK panel filling station loads the planted and inspected product into a magazine.


Pillarhouse Jade MKII selective solder

The British manufacturer's popular selective soldering machine can handle any challenging selective soldering task thanks to its easy programmability and micro nozzle design up to 1.5 mm wide!

More about the machine here!

On the equipment, we run our industry unique hands-on advanced selective soldering training course, the Selective Soldering Academy.

More about the training here!


GE-Phoenix Micromex X-ray system with CT and Planar CT options

This microfocus X-ray machine provides an excellent inspection capability for high-resolution 2D or CT inspection of any electronic industrial assembly, aluminium casting or other component, with the option of 3D inspection. The machine is equipped with wage measurements ELAS' team of log specialists is ready to meet any troubleshooting and inspection challenge with their full range of manufacturing and X-ray inspection expertise and experience.

More about the machine here!


VGStudio MAX 3.3 CT scan reconstruction, visualization and evaluation software

We provide the possibility of modelling from images and data taken on our own Micromex machine or other X-ray equipment with the latest version of VG STudio software. With the help of our X-ray specialist colleagues, we also undertake metrological or technical failure diagnostic analysis of the models!

More about the programme here!


Musashi ImageMaster dispensing robot

On our Musashi smart dispensing robot, we can model any dispensing task, be it varnishing, gluing, sealing, greasing, underfilling or even dispensing hot melt. Thanks to the machine's camera and its smart programming interface, any dispensing task can be reproduced and performed without complex tooling. Our Musashi robots can be hired for project work.

More about the machine here!



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Equipment rental!

All our demo equipment also available for rentso that our customers can test the technology we offer on their own premises. Our contract machines also provide an excellent opportunity to quickly alleviate temporary production or testing capacity shortages.