microme|x and nanome|x neo

The Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo offer high-resolution 2D X-ray technology and 3D computed tomography modelling in a single system, making it perfect for the complete non-destructive inspection of electronic components such as semiconductors, PCBs, Li-ion batteries, making it suitable for the automotive, aerospace and other electronics industries. Thanks to its advanced engineering solutions and outstanding accuracy, phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo are the perfect choice for electronic X-ray inspection for industry, whether for in-production, product quality or R&D tasks.


Micromex X-ray equipment can be found E-lab in our showroom, where we also offer X-ray examination!

-Electronic components, circuits, plastic products, cable assemblies or even castings can be tested.

- 180 kV / 20 W openable microfocus X-ray tube with 0.5 micron detection capability
- 0 - 70° tilting detector
- GE DXR active cooled digital detector
- Diamond target: better resolution at higher power, longer target life

-Application can be found and tested at In our E-Lab showroom!

-Ugyanitt the possibility of X-ray examination with professional support!

- For high-resolution automated X-ray analysis
- 0,2-0,3 micron detection capability
- 180 kV / 15 W openable nanofocus tube

  • Pipe voltage: 10-180kV
  • Tube power: 20W (15W nanofocus tube with diamond window)
  • Target: tungsten on aluminium or diamond
  • Total magnification: up to 22.150x
  • Detection limit: up to 0.5 µm or 0.2 µm
  • Maximum scanable area: 460 mm x 360 mm
  • Optional without rotating shaft: 610 mm x 510 mm
  • Maximum sample size and weight:
  •  680mm x 635mm, 10 kg
  • Equipment dimensions: 2,160mm x 1,920mm x 1,590mm, 3100 kg

-Planar CT software package for testing multi-layer electronic assemblies
-CT to upgradefor testing sensors, electronic PCBs, components
-Flash! Filters™ contrast optimisation for the human eye
-Up to twice as fast data capture with unchanged image quality and diamond exit window
-VG Studio CT data display and analysis software available for our machines

  • Nanomex Neo

  • Micromex

  • Transmission X-ray tube

    Open X-ray tube technology ensures endless tube life.

  • Flash filter

    Double-checking algorithm for more efficient debugging.

  • CT option

    The machine can be quickly and easily retrofitted for 3D testing.

  • planarCT option

    3D can also be tested using GE's planarCT technology.



For fast 3D inspection of complex multilayer panels.


Double confirmation option for more accurate error identification.

Micromex NEO

2D and CT optional X-ray equipment

Nanomex NEO

Nanofocus 2D and CT option X-ray equipment