Waygate options

Waygate offers a wide range of hardware and software options to increase quality and reduce the time required for testing:

-CT option: available for Micromex and Nanomex equipment
-Planar CT option: a quick and easy 3D inspection option, especially for complex printed circuit boards
-Flash! filter: automatically displays important details in X-ray images using contrast highlighting
-Dynamic41 detectors: 2X resolution in the same time, or 2-3X faster scanning without quality degradation compared to DXR detectors
-Diamond|window: a diamond target that allows a smaller focal spot (higher resolution) to be achieved with the same performance, due to its good thermal conductivity.
-Helix|scan: Longer parts that would not fit in 1 scan can be scanned with better quality than multiscan. During scanning, the sample undergoes helical motion.
-High-flux|target: 2X faster scanning with the same image quality, or 2X resolution in the same time.
-Scatter|correct: For perfect and noise-free testing of thick and high-density samples. This technology greatly shortens the CT scan time compared to line detector scans with the same image quality.
-Long-life|filament: up to 10X the lifetime of a normal cathode
-Click & Measure|CT: Full automatic scanning and evaluation
-Fast|scan: CT scan during continuous rotation of the sample. The scan time can be drastically reduced.
-Sector|scan: <360° rotational scanning capability for high-resolution CT scanning of larger samples.
-Quick|pick: Automatic pattern matching system

  • Long-life|filament

  • Planar CT

  • THT scan with planar CT

  • BGA scan with Planar CT

  • CT option

  • high-flux|target

  • high-flux|target image quality

  • helix|scan

  • helix|scan image quality

  • flash! filter image quality

  • diamond|window (diamond target)

  • diamond|window image quality

  • Dynamic41 detector

  • Dynamic41 detector image quality

  • Scatter|correction image quality


Premium CT options

Dynamic41 detectors

CT option for Micromex and Nanomex

Planar CT option for Micromex and Nanomex

Quick|pick and scatter|correct