Board Handling and Marking

Nutek's panel handling solutions are widely used in the electronics industry, including both SMT and semiconductor manufacturing, thanks to their robust design and reliable operation. Panel feeders, panel conveyors, panel storage, barcode scanners, inspection conveyors, gateways/gates, panel elevators, panel rotators and many other panel handling solutions are available, even customized according to user requirements.

NUTEK also has extensive experience in laser marking and laser label engraving. In addition to traditional CO2 laser solutions, they have developed special technologies such as the label implantation and laser engraving combo unit. This enables the same equipment to apply labels in places where laser application would not otherwise be possible. Their laser engraver can be used as a production line and as a separate station [...]

Equipment designed for high precision label application, where the label is applied to the product or part. The head is moved by an X-Y motion system between the printer and the product. Magnetically lockable supports aid quality application.