Panel handling and trafficking

For any production line design

Nutek's panel handling solutions are widely used in the electronics industry, including both SMT and semiconductor manufacturing. All thanks to their robust design and reliable operation. Panel feeders, panel conveyors, panel storage, barcode scanners, inspection conveyors, gateways, gates, panel elevators, panel rotators and many other panel handling solutions are available, even customized according to user requirements. All Nutek equipment is PLC-controlled, running as standard according to the pre-defined requirements, but at the same time, the subsequent development of specific operational requirements can be retrofitted by our experienced technicians.

The latest NTA range of Nutek panel handling equipment is designed to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. This series is capable of fast automatic changeovers, integration of any manufacturing execution system (MES), handling large product databases and multiple machine-to-machine (M2M, IPC Hermes-9852) communication. At the same time the user has not been forgotten, the NTA series is now equipped with an intuitive graphical touch screen.

  • Belt or chain drive
  • PLC control
  • On-site PLC retrofitting with the help of ELAS specialists
  • Manual or automatic width adjustment
  • E-series more cost-effective design
  • Dual lane option
  • Linking conveyors
  • Inspection workstations
  • Wave soldering inlet, connecting, outlet and return conveying lines
  • Coating conveyor tracks with either bottom or top palette return
  • Gates
  • Reject conveyors
  • Bare board cleaning conveyor

Loaders and unloaders

  • Single, Dual, Triple or Multi magazine chargers
  • Empty panel stacker and destacker
  • By pass empty panel dispenser
  • More sizes

Traffic controllers

  • Shuttle units
  • Inverters
  • Reversersers (90 or 180 degrees)
  • Lifts
  • More sizes


  • FIFO
  • LIFO
  • Loading and filling in the magazine in the queue
  • Linking conveyors

    Connecting conveyer belts in strap or chain design and in various sizes.

  • Inline testing station

    For manual inspection or manual assembly.

  • Reject conveyor

    To highlight defective products.

  • Wave soldering in- and filling conveyer belts

  • Loaders and unloaders

    Single, dual or multi magazine PCB loading and unloading equipment

  • Magazine line loader

    Loaders and unloaders for narrow line layout.

  • Fifo Buffers

  • LIFO Buffers

  • Gates

    Telescopic gates to facilitate line access.

  • Lift

    Panellift for return conveyor systems.

  • Cleaning conveyor

    Cleaning empty panels.

  • Stacker and destacker

    Empty panel loading and filling.

  • Stackers and destackers

    Loading PCB onto the production line before implantation.

  • Tenso PCB Magazines

    High quality PCB containers in several sizes.


Nutek portfolio

From the manufacturer's range, any panel installation idea can be easily implemented.