Thermal Profiling


Temperature measurement in all manufacturing processes is of paramount importance to ensure quality. ECD's thermoprofilometers are suitable for reflow ovens, Selective- or wave soldering machinery, curing ovens or even for thermal profiling of powder coating machines. MoleMAP software provides users with a customisable profile evaluation and statistical analysis environment.

ECD also manufactures dedicated measurement pallets for the condition testing of electronic industrial soldering machines, allowing easy monitoring of the performance of reflow, wave or selective soldering machines.

The latest innovation is the OVENSENTINEL permanent furnace monitoring system. This can be integrated into any reflow furnace and continuously monitors and collects the furnace temperature and convection parameters, and monitors whether the furnace settings match the heat profile of the product.


selective rider

A replacement instrument designed to test any selective soldering machine condition. With Selective Rider, you can collect repeatable data on key machine and process parameters to ensure production stability and reliability.

ev-6 thermal profiler

New, touch-screen thermal profiling instruments for profiling soldering machines or thermal treatment offline and inline furnaces. The instruments are capable of sampling with a frequency of up to 0.01 seconds and recording 250,000 data points per channel.

ECD offers tools specifically developed for the condition assessment of soldering equipment (reflow furnace and wave soldering), to measure specific equipment properties that affect the process or its quality.

With the ECD permanent furnace monitoring system, the machine temperature, convection and convector parameters can be monitored in real time. The movement of PCBs can be monitored and the corresponding profile parameters can be checked in real time.