Rotating machine status test

For reliable and stable production

Periodic machine condition inspection and monitoring, for example after maintenance, is a priority to ensure stable production quality. ECD is specifically designed for soldering equipment (reflow furnace and wave soldering) to measure specific properties of the equipment that influence or affect the quality of the process. The MoleMap software can also be used to perform detailed statistical evaluations (SPC module) and generate customised reports.

To use the instruments ECD data logger necessary!



  • For wave soldering
  • Can be used with 6-channel EV-6 profile meter
  • Waveguide measurement
  • Solder immersion time measurement
  • Test panel with bottom, in-hole and top-side sensors for simulating hole filling
  • Convejor speed
  • Preheating test
  • MoleMAP evaluation software
  • Palette sizes: Length 305 mm x Height 33 mm x Width 229; 305; 457 mm or custom sizes



  • For reflow furnaces
  • It can be used with a 6-channel EV6 profile meter
  • 3 Air sensor (heating pad test)
  • 3 convection sensors (fan test)
  • Convejor speed
  • MoleMAP evaluation software
  • Palette sizes: Length 305mm x Height 33mm x Width 168; 305; 458mm or custom sizes
  • OvenChecker 3 channel version



  • Waveguide for fluxer unit
  • Test paper suitable for alcohol and water-based fluxes
  • Test-fit design
  • Simple fluxer setup
  • Reduces production costs, scrap rates and rework
  • Palette sizes: Length 305mm x Height 33mm x Width 168; 305; 458mm or custom sizes
  • OvenRider

    Reflow furnace with test palette for convection and air temperature sensors.

  • OvenRider in the oven

    Available in several sizes.

  • WaveRider

    Machine condition monitoring palette with wave height, immersion time, wave pair parallelism and contact time sensors.

  • WaveRider in the machine.

    Available in several sizes.

  • Fluxometer.

    Spread pattern and hole runout control palette.

  • Fluxometer in the machine


ECD Mole family of profilometers