ev-6 thermal profiler

Thermal imaging instruments

Evolution in thermal profile measurement

ECD MOLE™ EV6, the world's only thermal profiler with a touch screen, is now available in the ELAS range. The device provides thermal profile measurement with a revolutionary new design during the detailed data collection and touch screen management comfort. The portable thermal profiler enables configuration, measurement and data analysis right on the device – saving time and reducing the need for intensive operator training by providing immediately actionable information. The ECD MOLE EV6 thermal profiler with the help of its smartphone-like capacitive touchscreen users literally have data at their fingertips.

six-channel ECD MOLE EV6 is all ECD RIDER™ mechanical compatible with quality management technology. The six-channel MOLE™ EV6 can be integrated with all ECD RIDER™ machines.


  • Reflow furnaces, wave soldering furnaces, selective furnaces, curing furnaces, powder coating process profiling
  • Own touch screen display for quick setting and immediate result evaluation
  • Flexibility
  • Simplified manageability
  • Immediate feedback
  • USB-C connector
  • Sampling up to 100 samples per second
  • Built-in calibration reminders
    – Display of battery life/charge
    – Memory status
  • Automatic queue-side decision making
  •  High capacity, standard Lipo battery with automatic shutdown protection in case of overheating, ESD protected inputs
  • Download and analyze with ECD's own award-winning MoleMAP software
  • Connected at ECD for machine condition testers for reflow and wave soldering and now also for selective soldering!
  • A wide range of thermocouples available with different connections (micro, mini or nano), wire lengths and thicknesses, with cover up to 482C°
  • Heat resistant cases for higher temperatures and longer measurement times (up to 950C°; 2 min)
  • Temprobe additional non-destructive thermal profiling
  • Wireless Bluetooth option
  • EV20

    20-channel design

  • EV20

    Narrow design

  • Touch screen

    Fast data evaluation even next to the production line!

  • Ergonomic design

  • EV-6 kit

    Available in full stock

  • MOLE_EV6_(Post_Profile_Barrier)

  • RIDER compatibility


ECD MOLE™ EV6 Thermal Profiler

Instruments for any measurement task, be it reflow profiling, wave soldering, selective soldering, curing or heat treatment.