Thermal imaging instruments

The smartest profilometers

From the US ECD range we offer 3, 6 and 20 channel thermal profilometers. The instruments are capable of sampling at rates of up to 0.1 seconds and recording 250,000 data points per channel. In addition, the latest generation development of the M.O.L.E.® range enables intelligent measurement evaluation right from the line. It is the ideal solution for any application where a profile meter has to be placed in the furnace, be it in the electronics industry (SMT reflow, wave soldering), any curing or heat treatment task. We offer both high quality optional long and material thermocouples to complement the profile gauges.

The heat sealers can be used for for ECD machine condition testers is. These are very useful accessories for monitoring and validating the proper operation of soldering machines, especially in the manufacture of high-quality electronic products.

  • Reflow furnaces, wave soldering furnaces, selective furnaces, curing furnaces, powder coating process profiling
  • 3; 6; 20 channel design
  • 250 thousand measurement points per channel
  • Storage of up to 96 average heat profiles
  • adjustable sampling from 0.1 sec - 24 hours
  • Simplified manageability
  • New profile planning, analysis and evaluation software - MoleMAP
  • Automatic queue-side decision making
  • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • Compact design (with standard Unibarrier case: 69.7 mm x 104 mm x 25.4 mm)
  • Connected at ECD for machine condition testers for reflow and wave soldering and now also for selective soldering!
  • A wide range of thermocouples available with different connections (micro, mini or nano), wire lengths and thicknesses, with cover up to 482C°
  • Heat resistant cases for higher temperatures and longer measurement times (up to 950C°; 2 min)
  • Temprobe additional non-destructive thermal profiling
  • Wireless option
  • Thermal imaging kit

    A kit for everyday use in production.

  • MoleMap

    Clever evaluation software for analysing and reporting thermal profiles and tracking the statistical process.

  • Thermocouples

    High quality, a wide range of products with short delivery times. Even custom sizes!

  • Indata thermostats

    Heat resistant cases for profiling at up to 900C°.


ECD Mole family of profilometers

Instruments for any measurement task, be it reflow profiling, wave soldering, selective soldering, curing or heat treatment.