Musashi desktop and Orthogonal robots

Flexibility in an economical design

For flexible dosing tasks, the Musashi SX and OmegaX series are the perfect solution. For dosing precision and speed, the Musashi axle systems and the Musashi dispensing heads are responsible together. And for inline or target machines, we recommend Musashi's CrossMaster suspended axle systems as an integratable feeding solution. An intelligent camera-based ImageMaster option is available for both movements, which includes camera-based positioning point detection and even laser feed height measurement.


  • Plug & Work operation
  • Ideal for bonding, thermal paste, varnishing, greasing or sealing
  • Any Musashi can be fitted with a dispensing head
  • SX desktop robots and CrossMaster suspended robots in various sizes
  • ImageMaster PC camera smart feeder
    • Camera-based positioning point detection, training and dosage verification
    • Laser height measurement
    • Fire measuring station
    • Refrigeration cleaning station
  • Up to 5 micron accuracy in axis adjustment

Desktop robot workstations:

X x Y: 200 x 200 mm; 300 x 300 mm; 400 x 400 mm; 500 x 500 mm, Z 50 mm

Shaft speed: 1 - 800 mm/sec

Suspended robot work:

X x Y: 200 x 300 mm; 300 x 400 mm; 400 x 600 mm; 600 x 800 mm, Z 150 mm

Shaft speed: 1 - 1000 mm/sec

  • Multiple sizes
  • 4. shaft for rotating the dispensing head
  • 5. shaft for dispensing head tilting
  • Rotating table option
  • Custom functions can be integrated: UV lamp curing, bolting, pick and place, marking or even lining up
  • Inspection after dosing
  • Open hardware and software environment with inputs and outputs that can be freely extended and upgraded
  • ImageMaster

    Smart desktop dispensing robot with camera recognition and laser height measurement options.

  • OmegaX robot

    Robots with a more powerful screw drive, even equipped with a turntable.

  • UV glue robot

    Dispensing robot with integrated UV lamp for instant curing.

  • CrossMaster series

    Suspended robots in various sizes

  • CrossMaster OX

    Easily integrated suspended robot with camera option.


SX and OmegaX series

Simple and multi-sided benchtop robots equipped with any Musashi feeder head for any production task

Musashi ImageMaster smart dispensing robot

This model is now equipped with both camera positioning and laser height measurement options, ideal for flexible or high precision production.

Suspended robots

Thanks to our suspended robots, Musashi dispensing solutions can be easily integrated into specific target machines, for example over conveyors or rotary tables