Musashi dispensing heads and controllers

For any dosing task

With the different dispensing principles of Musashi Engineering in Japan, any precision fluid dispensing task can be solved, be it bonding, varnishing, sealing, dispensing solder paste or even greasing. Musashi can dispense materials of any viscosity and properties with extremely high accuracy in the sub-millilitre range. Musashi dispensing heads are available for desktop robot or ksewn into automatic dispensing cell mounted. In addition, each dispenser can be integrated into any custom-built target device

From ELAS showroom on the Musashi ImageMaster machine, you can test the dispensing head on a real application and material to make sure it is suitable!

  • Dispensing tips for any substance
  • For a wide range of applications: precision bonding, sealing, greasing, lacquering, silicone dispensing, SMT bonding, underfill, conductive adhesive, microfilling, thermal paste, solder paste
  • Different dosing principles: time-pressure, non-contact jet, eccentric pump, piston or Auger screw.
  • Plug & Work dispensing heads and controls
  • Musashi table-top robots and automatic dispensing cells
  • Solutions that can be integrated into any custom manufacturing equipment
  • Multi-channel digital I/O connection

Dispensing heads:

  • Time-press based dispensing valves.
    • Programmable pressure correction as the amount of material decreases, ensuring even dosing
    • Vacuum material recovery for accurate separation
    • Maintenance-free operation
    • 999 feeder programs can be written and recalled
  • Jet non-contact dispensing heads:
    • Pneumatic and piezo
    • Up to 333 dot /sec speed
    • Low cycle time
    • Dosing of uneven surfaces
    • Lacquering, gluing, greasing
  • ScrewMaster Auger screw feeders
    • For accurate, uniform and fast dispensing of abrasive materials
    • Hot-melt pastes and conductive adhesives
  • Measuring master MPP, piston dispensers,
    • Highly accurate volumetric dosing of quantities
    • Multiple sizes
    • also for 2 components
  • MohnoMaster progressive cavitation dispensing head
    • Fast and even dispensing of contours
    • for both 1 and 2 component materials
    • Silicone gasket
    • For component fixing
  • Dispensing valves
    • For low viscosity materials
    • Needle, piston and spray valves
    • Dispensing from different sized containers

Dispensing consumables:

  • Precision dispensing needles up to 0.1 mm inner diameter
    • Metal or plastic
    • Inside straight or domed design
    • Straight or curved
    • With towel
    • Multinozzle
    • Brushes
  • Polished tubes on the inside (even UV protected)
  • Plungers
  • Musashi Japan's No. 1.

    Musashi, Japan's number one dispensing technology manufacturer

  • SuperSigma

    The most accurate time-pressure based digital controller on the market

  • AeroJet

    Universal pnemuatic Jet for varnish, solder paste, SMT adhesive or even grease

  • SuperJet

    1200 Hz feed rate, shorter cycle times than ever before

  • MPP

    Piston dispensing head, always for accurate quantities.

  • ScrewMaster

    Hot-melt pastes for conductive adhesives, sealants

  • NCV metering valve

    Dispensing larger quantities even from a container

  • MohnoMaster

    Progressive cavitation pump for rapid delivery of uniform contours



Dispensing varnishes, greases, adhesives in a wide viscosity range


For high-speed, non-contact dispensing of higher viscosity materials (underfill, adhesives, gel varnishes)

MPP-1 piston dispenser

Volume-based dispensing for accurate and repeatable volumes from microlitres


Continuous and even dispensing for sealing, gluing

MPP-3 duo

Dosing of two-component abrasive thermal conductive pastes in both large and small quantities


Low viscosity fluids, for example, for flux application. For biotechnological use in immunochromatography.

SV and SVM sepels

For lubrication and greasing of internal surfaces