Musashi FCD1000

Automatic coating machine

The Musashi FCD1000 is ideal for medium to high capacity lacquering. Available with single or double, CV curtain (film coater) and Jet dispensing head. By using two heads in one machine, any selective coating task can be solved with the shortest cycle time. The machine can handle both low and high viscosity gelcoats.

  • Available dispensing heads:
      • Curtain for fast and even coating of large areas.
      • Selective coating of jet, thin strips (up to 1 mm width) or dots (0.5 mm diameter)
      • Spray or needle valve
  • Acrylic, polyurethane, silicone lacquers can be dispensed
  • Also suitable for high viscosity materials
  • Integrated camera system for product recognition
  • Automatic camera curtain width inspection and correction
  • Membrane pump application with circulation
  • MUCAD software controlled dosing
  • Offline or inline design
  • For complete varnishing lines Nutek conveyor tracks are available with up to palette rebates
  • Product sizes: up to PCB size L
  • Product loading and unloading system
  • Duplicated synchronous or asynchronous dispensing head design
  • Cells developed for underfill or other dosing tasks (FAD series)
  • Camera

    Lacquer curtain width automatically checked by camera

  • FCD dispensing heads

    The FCD cell can be equipped with a jet, curtain or needle dispensing head, depending on the application.


FCD1000 varnisher

With CV curtains and AeroJet heads, any selective lacquering task can be solved.