lint-free wipes

Alcohol-free lint-free wipes

For quick and easy cleaning

Alcohol-free lint-free wipes are an indispensable accessory for all precision manufacturing, ideal for general cleaning of any surface. The wipes are infused with higher than 70% medical grade alcohol. Microcare offers wipes in different sizes for the electronics industry, optical manufacturing, food industry and other areas. They are ideal for cleaning repaired PCBs, stencils, machine parts, workstations and tools. Our wipes are available dry or Microcare with different materials,such as ProClean, isopropyl alcohol or ExpoxyClean.

  • Electronic industrial and optical quality
  • Different sizes
  • Cleaning agent impregnated packaging
    • ProClean, for flux removal
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • ScreenClean, for cleaning stencil and printer parts
    • ExPoxy Cleaner, for cleaning epoxy adhesives
  • ESD safe materials and supplies
  • Economical refill packaging
  • From stock with fast delivery
  • Refill

    Economical refill packaging

  • Optical quality scarves

  • ScreenCleaner

    Wipes for cleaning stencils and paste printer parts

  • MultiClean

    Universal cleaning with alcohol for any workstation

  • EpoxyCleaner

    For epoxy adhesive removal