tergo metal cleaning fluid

Tergo metal cleaning fluid

Microcare's proprietary metal cleaning fluid is ideal for removing heavy hydrocarbons, greases, oils, burnt-on fluxes or silicones. The cleaner is compatible with a wide range of materials so a wide range of products can be washed with it. True azeotropic Tergo is non-flammable, thermally and hydrolytically non-degradable, and does not require the addition of stabilising agents. Tergo is designed for vapour phase washing, but can also be used as an inline washing liquid and in solvent extraction applications. The material is an excellent solution for cleaning metal 3D printed parts.


  • Patented metal cleaning fluid for degreasing, removing oil, flux, resin, fingerprints or ionic contamination
  • Suitable for washing a wide range of alloys
  • Ideal for cleaning complex geometries thanks to its low surface tension and viscosity
  • Ideal for cleaning metal 3D printed products
  • Excellent for use in steam phase washing
  • Easy and efficient recirculation in a steam-phase washer
  • Non flammable
  • True azeotropic for easy regeneration
  • Does not decompose to heat, activators or water
  • No stabilisers are needed for use
  • Long life and high capacity to saturation
  • Almost odourless
  • RoHS, REACH, F-GAS and WEEE compliant
  • Excellent toxicity rating for health and environment
  • Available in sizes from 1 litre to 200 litres
  • Washing after 3D printing

  • Metal cleaning

  • Excellent for steam phase washing


Tergo metal cleaning fluid

Microcare is ideal for any degreasing task or cleaning after 3D printing.