The dispensing of liquids is a challenge in all manufacturing, as every material and application is different. ELAS works with three suppliers (Scheugenpflug AG, Musashi Engineering, ITW Camalot) and with decades of dispensing experience, it meets every new application challenge. With our broad portfolio, we can provide dispensing solutions for bonding, thermal paste application, sealing, varnishing, greasing, underfill, potting and component fixing.

dospl piston dispensers

The revolutionary new dispensing head family consists of two models, the DPL2001 optimized for small quantities and the DP2001 developed for high-speed dispensing.

Aerojet dispensing head

With jet technology, there is no need for the dispensing needle to contact the surface, resulting in faster and more stable dispensing. Musashi's wide range of jet dispensing heads can dispense varnishes, underfills, greases, solder pastes and adhesives.

Scheugenpflug DosP piston volumetric dosing heads are capable of handling both 1 and 2 component materials. Maximum mixing ratio and dispensed volume are ensured, as the pistons are driven by a common pressure plate and the mixing ratio is determined by the piston diameter. The two components only meet in a static mixing shaft, thus minimising unwanted material reaction and the amount of consumable wear parts.

This gear pump based dispensing head is an excellent solution for continuous and accurate dispensing of high viscosity, non-abrasive, non-filled materials such as silicone gaskets. And its two-component version is ideal for applying two-component adhesives commonly used in the automotive industry.

This equipment provides a cost-effective solution for any dispensing task, be it seal contour dispensing, thermal paste application or even atmospheric filling. The unit's CNC-controlled axis system ensures accurate positioning of the dispensing

By integrating Scheugenpflug's dispensing solutions into the Process Module, they can be easily integrated into individual new or existing automated production lines and cells. The integrated unit ensures unchanged accuracy of dosing volume and location thanks to Scheugenpflug dosing heads and shaft systems.

dc803 dispenser cell

The DC803 is the flagship model of Scheugenpflug's portfolio. This automatic dosing machine is capable of high capacity with high quality, even in case of high-mix production requirements. The equipment is available either as a stand alone, inline or rotary table design.

With the different dispensing principles from Musashi Engineering in Japan, any precision fluid dispensing task can be solved, be it bonding, varnishing, sealing, dispensing solder paste or even greasing. Solutions are available in benchtop, inline or integratable configurations.

musashi me5000 controller

In many cases, the batching process cannot be automated due to the complexity of the task, low quantities or budget constraints. In such cases, Musashi manual dispensers are an economical yet accurate solution.

For flexible dosing tasks, the Musashi SX and OmegaX series are the perfect solution. The Musashi shaft systems and Musashi dispensing heads together ensure precision and speed of dispensing. For inline or target machine builds, we recommend Musashi CrossMaster suspended shaft systems as an integratable dispensing solution.