As the size of products has shrunk, their complexity, reliability and durability have increased dramatically, so smaller quantities need to be released as accurately as possible. Dispensing heads from Musashi Engineering in Japan provide solutions to these dispensing challenges, from the nano to the mililitre range, for almost any material.

Musashi can also dispense adhesives, heat-conducting pastes, solder pastes, varnishes, greases or sealants. Dispensers are the ideal solution not only for the automotive and electronics industries, but also for any assembly sector or even the food industry. Musashi heads are available in an integrable form, for desktop robot mounted or as a fully automatic dosing cell equally.



Aerojet dispensing head

With jet technology, there is no need for the dispensing needle to contact the surface, resulting in faster and more stable dispensing. Musashi's wide range of jet dispensing heads can dispense varnishes, underfills, greases, solder pastes and adhesives.

With the different dispensing principles from Musashi Engineering in Japan, any precision fluid dispensing task can be solved, be it bonding, varnishing, sealing, dispensing solder paste or even greasing. Solutions are available in benchtop, inline or integratable configurations.

For flexible dosing tasks, the Musashi SX and OmegaX series are the perfect solution. The Musashi shaft systems and Musashi dispensing heads together ensure precision and speed of dispensing. For inline or target machine builds, we recommend Musashi CrossMaster suspended shaft systems as an integratable dispensing solution.