Yamaha YSM20 planter


R - the upgraded YSM20


The Yamaha P&P concept is based on three pillars: speed, flexibility and a platform. The YSM20R has been given uncompromisingly increased speed compared to its predecessor (YSM20). Just to mention a few concrete details about the machine: 2 beam - 95k CPH @ 25um - 3 sigma, Non-stop tray replacement, non-stop feeder carriage replacement, wide range of parts without head replacement!


With different configurations, it can seat parts from 0201mm up to 55x100mm (h=28mm). It is also available in single (1) beam configurations and a wider version, the YMS20RW Dual-lane, is suitable for production.


Yamaha implanters are designed for manufacturing with a clean GUI, guaranteed long-term reliability and low maintenance costs! For details, please contact our sales team.


This series is able to fully meet today's needs from high mix to high volume production.


Other keywords concerning the machine include, but are not limited to: compatibility, parts library, auto program change, traceability.


  • HM high speed implantation head with 10 pipettes,
  • Insertion parts: from 0201 mm 55 x L 100 mm, H 15 mm
  • FM flexible implant head with 5 pipettes,
  • Insertion parts: from 03015 mm 55 x L 100 mm, H 28 mm
  • Insertion accuracy ±0.035mm (±0.025mm) Cpk≧1.0 (former chip, latter IC)
  • Teachable intelligent component recognition system
  • Side camera
  • Pipette cleaning station
  • Touch screen display
  • 140 fixed or 128 interchangeable feeders 8 mm feeder space
  • 30 fixed or 14 interchangeable trays

Part of Yamaha Total Line Solution (complete SMT production line)

  • Size of panel that can be inserted:
  • Dual stage L 50 x W 50 to L 810 x W 490 mm
  • or 2 x L 380 x W 490 mm
  • Single lane:L 50 x W 50 and L 810 x W 490 mm
  • Dual lane: L 50 x W 50 and L 810 x W 230 mm
  • Insertion speed (IPC9850):
  • 2x HM head: 90.000/63.500 CPH
  • 2x FM head: 34.500/.27.000 CPH
  • 1x HM head: 38.000/27.000 CPH
  • 1x FM head: 16.000/12.500 CPH
  • Dimensions: 1374(width) x 1857(depth) x 1445(height) mm
  • Weight: 2500 kg
  • Power supply: 3~ 400 V, 50/60 Hz, CEE 16 A
  • Single (1) or double (2) head design
  • Force control (for FM head)
  • Dual stage option (two planting segments within the machine)
  • Single or dual lane design
  • Special Nozzle KIT
  • Coplanarity unit
  • Automatic panel support allocation
  • FM head

    FM flexible implantation head with 5 pipettes, implantable parts: 03015 mm to 55 x 55 mm, L 100 mm, H 28 mm

  • HM head

    HM high speed implantation head with 10 pipettes, implantable parts: 0201 mm to 55x100 mm, H 15 mm


YSM20 planter in action.

Yamaha's transplanter combines speed and versatility.