High efficiency and capacity panel washer

PBT Works has developed the HyperSwash machine for high-efficiency and high-capacity mounted PCB cleaning. The linear washing arm of the panel washer can clean with higher liquid pressure than ever before and in a larger working envelope. Multiple arm configurations are available, with the Single for high thickness products, Twingo with double wash arm for flatter products for high efficiency washing, and Combo with L-shaped wash arm for easier cleaning but larger volumes of product. The HyperSwash features a wash, pre-rinse and final rinse liquid circuit with built-in distilled water generator for perfect final clean. All PBT process support options are available for the machine.

  • Precision washing of mounted PCB
  • Washing DCBs
  • High pressure spray-in-air technology
  • Patented linear washing technology for homogeneous, high wash quality
  • Optional basket design, Single, Twingo, Combo
  • Isolated liquid treatment
  • Built-in distilled water preparation unit
  • Integrated conductivity measurement of rinse water
  • Extremely low detergent consumption
  • Direct drying with heated air knife
  • Easy maintenance
  • Heatable cleaning fluid max. 60°C
  • Heatable rinsing liquid max. 45°C
  • Drying temperature max. 120°C
  • Industrial PC control, easy washing program writing
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • 3 levels of mechanical solvent filtration
  • 4 levels of integrated ion exchange water treatment
  • Cycle times:
    • Mounted panel 15-30 minutes
  • Equipment dimensions: 1400 x 1800 x 1950 mm
  • Workspace size (mm); (eurocard size accommodating 100 x 160 mm):
    • Single: 890 x 850 x 215; 20 eurocards
    • Twingo: 2 X (890 x 850 x 60); 40 eurocards
    • Combo: 3 X (890 x 170 x 315); 168 eurocards
  • Custom, product-specific washing frames available
  • Multiple configurations (2 cycle wash - rinse or 3 cycle wash - pre-rinse - final rinse)
  • Zero Drain, no run-off operability in the production area
  • Twingo with double wash frame and basket Combo design
  • Quick-change washing arm
  • For washing high parts up to 80mm wide panels with a wider interchangeable washing arm
  • Connectivity to an external water source
  • Detergent concentration measurement - Zestron eye / Kyzen analyst
  • Unique, varied product, stencil clamping solutions
  • Washing frame holder revolver stand for easy product loading and unloading
  • Extra extraction fan
  • Lighting tower
  • Stencil and product barcode scanning for traceability
  • Also for washing ceramic products (DCB)
  • Twingo design

    The direct 90° wash angle is ideal for difficult cleaning tasks such as flux removal under low components or densely packed PCBs.

  • Combo design

    High capacity basket configuration for easier to clean panels.

  • Separated liquid circles

    Separate washing, pre-rinse and post-rinse circuits for perfect cleanliness, low detergent consumption and prevention of cross-contamination.

  • Tracebility

    Stencil, product wash traceability option.



High-capacity, high-pressure PCB washer with configurable wash arm layout for the job.