Inline washing equipment - Aquastorm

Precision electronics manufacturing increasingly requires a high-speed, reliable washing process. Electrovert has been manufacturing in-line washing equipment for more than 40 years and has a wealth of experience in this booming field. The Aquastorm series provides the best washing efficiency and economical solution for high-capacity washing tasks, whether chemical or aqueous cleaning.

  • Water or chemical washing technology
  • V Jet or Hurricane Jet washing nozzle design
  • Two designs for different speed requirements (AS100, AS200)
  • Aquastorm 60 modules, combining only washing, rinsing, drying units according to the task
  • Controls and software identical to other Electrovert products
  • Made in USA

- AS100 unit dimensions: 4910 x 1518 x 1302 mm (W x H x D)
- Max. processing width: 508 mm (optional 610 mm)

  • 15 HP washing pump
  • 15 HP rinsing pump
  • Torroid Zone - high capacity convection drying zone
  • Bottom washing option
  • Panel clamp top chain
  • Plastic or stainless steel finish
  • S-Jet™

    A gentle S-Jet nozzle design is also available for lower pressure applications.

  • Hurricane Jet™

    Patented high pressure liquid spray for perfect washing efficiency.


Electrovert Inline washing series

Aquastorm 200 inline washing machine