Stencil or PCB washer

Automatic, high-pressure cleaning system for cleaning stencils, misprints and mounted panels. Thanks to the innovative design of the cleaning chamber, linear nozzle system, suction and mist extraction system, drastically reduced detergent consumption and perfect wash quality in short cycle times! SuperSwash is the fastest stencil washer on the market.

  • High pressure spray in air technology, physical and chemical cleaning at the same time
  • Patented linear washing technology for homogeneous, high wash quality
  • Isolated liquid treatment
  • Extremely low detergent consumption
  • Easy maintenance
  • Heatable cleaning fluid max. 60°C
  • Heatable rinsing liquid max. 45°C
  • Drying temperature max. 120°C
  • Industrial PC control, easy washing program writing
  • 3 levels of mechanical solvent filtration
  • 4 levels of integrated ion exchange water treatment
  • Controlled parameters
    - Cleaning time
    - Cleaning temperature
    - Warm air drying time
    - Flush water quality setting

Cycle times:

Stencil 10-12 minutes
Mounted panel 20-30 minutes

Equipment dimensions: 1700 x 1420 x 1735 mm

Workspace size:

Single 830 x 816 x 80 mm

Twingo 740 x 740 x 40 mm

  • Multiple configurations (2 cycle wash - rinse or 3 cycle wash - pre-rinse - final rinse)
  • Zero Drain, no run-off operability in the production area
  • Twingo design with double washing frame, interchangeable washing arm
  • For washing high parts up to 80mm wide panels with a wider interchangeable washing arm
  • Connectivity to an external water source
  • Detergent concentration measurement - Zestron eye / Kyzen analyst
  • Unique, varied product, stencil clamping solutions
  • Washing frame holder revolver stand for easy product loading and unloading
  • Extra extraction fan
  • Lighting tower
  • Stencil and product barcode scanning for traceability
  • Also for washing ceramic products (DCB)
  • Linear washing technology

    Patented principle for a fast and homogeneous wash result for PCB or stencil washing.

  • Swash II.

    Two liquid circuit units with integrated water treatment. Ideal choice for stencil washing.

  • Super Swash III. with open liquid circuit

    Fast cycle times with minimal detergent and water consumption, even in cascade design. Mounted or semi-mounted PCBs for washing.

  • Super Swash III. open closed round

    Machine equipped with a two-loop distilled water preparation unit, can be operated without drain even in the production area.

  • Swash capture options.

    Interchangeable washing arms for different washing tasks.

  • Tracebility

    Stencil, product wash traceability option.



High efficiency washing of stents, knives, misprints, mounted panels or even DCBs.

Linear spray technology

Homogeneous outstanding washing results at all points of the washing frame or stencil.

Linear air knife drying

High-pressure, heated air knife blows off and dries washed PCBs or stencils with fast cycle times and low electrical consumption.