PCB or solder frame washing machine

This equipment, in different configurations, is the ideal solution for both the washing of implanted products and the washing of solder frames with higher capacities. Thanks to the innovative water treatment, detergent consumption is minimised. The wash baskets move over 68 high-pressure nozzles on the top and bottom, ensuring that the products do not overshadow each other, i.e. the detergent reaches all points of the products.

  • High pressure washing spray in air technology
  • Patented wash basket moving over the nozzles, even wash with minimal shadow effect
  • Heatable cleaning fluid max. 60°C
  • Heatable rinsing liquid max. 45°C
  • Drying temperature max. 120°C
  • Washing capacity 140 eurocards (100 x 160 mm) or 6-8 solder frames (450 x 500 x 500 mm)
  • Industrial PC control, washing program writing
  • 3 levels of solvent filtration
  • 4 levels of integrated ion exchange water treatment
  • Controlled parameters
    • Cleaning time
    • Cleaning temperature
    • Warm air drying time
    • Flushing water quality (conductivity)

Cycle times:

Mounted panel 40-60 minutes

Soldering frame 30-40 min

Workspace dimensions: 450 x 500 x 500 mm (W x H x D)

Equipment dimensions: 880 × 1680 × 1866 mm (W x H x D), 380 kg

  • Multiple configurations (washer-rinse and washer-pre-rinse-rinse)
  • Central swivel arm positioning for double deck wash baskets
  • Connectivity to an external water source
  • Zero Drain, no run-off operability in the production area
  • Detergent concentration measurement - Zestron eye / Kyzen Analyst
  • Lighting tower
  • Product and solder frame barcode scanning, traceability
  • Washing basket moving over nozzles

    Unique technology for shading yet high capacity washing.

  • Large capacity washing basket

    Up to 140 eurocards can be washed in the machine at the same time.

  • Laundry basket designs

    Single or double deck laundry baskets for different product sizes.

  • CompaClean II.

    Two liquid circuit washers for washing soldering frames or reflow oven parts.

  • CompaClean III. open liquid cycle washer

    Ideal for panel washing with minimal solvent and detergent use.

  • CompaClean III. closed liquid ring washer

    Double water treatment washing system without spillage for panel washing even in production areas.

  • Tracebility

    Stencil, product wash traceability option.



Homogeneous PCB and palette wash results with easy handling and programmability.