A90 dispenser series

Compact solutions

This Scheugenpflug material feeder family is an entry-level category in the world of automated feeding. Ideal for applications where material mixing is not necessary and material consumption is low. The A90C can be connected to any tube on the market. Its piston design ensures the correct inlet pressure of the dispensing head. Type A90B, Booster, is ideal for applications where higher material pressure is required that the original tube would not be able to withstand, or where the material needs to be delivered over a greater distance. Type A90T is suitable for dispensing low viscosity materials from a pressurised container. The A90D deaeration unit is suitable for the airtight transfer and transfer of tubes or other containers that are not completely bubble-free to the dispensing head.

A90C - Cartridge

  • Versions that can handle any tube (Semco or Euro cartridge)
  • Robust, piston design
  • Compact size can even be mounted on the dispensing head
  • Controlled by SCP210 unit
  • Low and empty material level detection.
  • A90CV automatic venting after tube replacement

A90B - Booster

  • Desktop dispenser unit
  • Providing higher material pressure 5 - 30 bar
  • A90 C connectable
  • 200 ml capacity

A90T - Tank

  • Pressurised tank
  • For low viscosity materials
  • 6 - 60 litres
  • Robust design

A90D - Degasser

  • For deaeration of non-bubbled materials
  • Tubes, buckets or containers can be connected
  • Direct feed to the dispensing head
  • Or bubble-free transfer to another container

Compatible tube types:

Semco 6 oz; Semco 12 oz; Semco 20 oz; Semco 32 oz; Euro cartridge

  • For A90C Tubes

    Tube feeder with material level measurement

  • A90B

    Dispenser for material pressure boosting and continuous material supply

  • A90T

    Pressurised tank for easy handling of low viscosity materials


A90CV automatic tube venting unit

Scheugenpflug's patented option that eliminates the need for intervention during tube replacement.