Mirtec MV-6 OMNI series


With ten years of experience, Korea's Mirtec has established itself as a leading supplier of optical inspection solutions for almost every sector of the electronics industry, from automotive to consumer electronics. Mirtec's MV OMNI series of AOI portfolio offers an excellent solution for uniquely efficient, fast and accurate inline 2D or full 3D optical inspection at an affordable price.


In terms of technology, 3D measurements are performed using patented Blue DLP Moire imaging, which ensures noise immunity even on shiny surfaces. It owes its high speed to its 15 Mpixel camera and its associated telecentric lens exchange system with 10 or 15um resolution. Its full 2D measurements - crucial for the detection of polarity marks and inscriptions as well as for the observation of component damage/cracks - are provided by 8 phases of illumination, including coaxial light.


For the version equipped with a side camera, it is also possible to perform side solder inspection of J-leg ICs, QFNs.

  • High speed, high performance full 3D + 2D AOI equipment
  • Blue Moire 3D noise-free imaging
  • 15 MP camera
  • Patented CoaXPress technology - faster image processing time
  • Improved 8-phase colour illumination
  • 10 micron/pixel telecentric lens design
  • 4 passenger 8 projection high frequency shadowless Moire imaging for 3D scanning
  • Precision AC servo drive (X-Y)
  • Extremely easy programming and machine operation
  • Programming based on IPC standard
  • External software, SPC, programming, debugging module
  • Testable panel size:
  • Min. 50 mm x 50 mm- max 510 mm x 460 mm
  • Maximum part height: 45 mm
  • Smallest part to be tested: 03015mm chip
  • Typical defects that can be tested are: missing part, misplaced part, tombstoning, Manhattan effect, polarity, flipped part, scratch, foreign object, solder ball, misalignment, rotation, raised chip, foot or IC, drilled parts and etc.
  • Exclusive 25 MP camera
  • Integrated 18 MP side camera system
  • Intelli-Scan laser height measurement
  • Intelli-Sys Total Quality Management Systems
  • Intelli-Tracker - SPI - AOI Total Quality Management
  • X-Y Linear motor drive
  • Dual lane design
  • Establishing a link between MES and FIS
  • Reading BC via camera
  • LED testing
  • 8 x Moire mapping

    Shadowless 3D imaging technology

  • Up to 25 MP camera

    The highest resolution available on the market.

  • Wider field of view (FOV)

    15 MP camera with larger field of view, shorter cycle times.

  • CoaxPress technology

    Enhanced data transmission technology

  • Telecentric lens exchange system

    The image is not distorted at the edge of the field of view!

  • Laser height measurement

  • 8 different lighting directions

    For OCR, Polarity, solder joints or other challenging surfaces.

  • Laser panel curvature analysis

  • side viewer


Mirtec introduction

Mirtec's portfolio includes all the optical inspection solutions you need for SMT production, from offline desktop equipment to inline 2D and full 3D AOI and SPI machines.