Mirtec MV-3

The desktop AOI solution!

Mirtec's benchtop equipment is suitable for cost-effective testing of small production runs or prototypes, whether SMD or THT. The MV-3 series is available in OMNI (3D version) or a plain 2D version depending on customer and production needs. Despite its simple design, the instrument uses the same technology for testing that you have come to know from Mirtec's Inline equipment. A proprietary camera system combined with state-of-the-art imaging and image processing techniques, not omitting the infinitely simple almost 0 false call program generation methodology.

  • 10 MP digital camera with telecentric lens
  • Resolution optional 10 or 15μm/pixel
  • Advanced 8-phase coaxial colour illumination
  • Testable panels from 50 x 50 mm to 480 x 460 mm
  • Precision AC servo drive
  • Pre and post reflow testing option
  • Extremely easy programming and machine operation
  • External software, SPC, programming, debugging module
  • Programming based on IPC standard
  • Testable panels from 50 x 50mm to 660 x 510mm
  • Bottom hanging: 50.8 mm
  • Maximum part height: 45 mm optional
  • Smallest part to be tested: 01005 chipTypical defects to be tested: missing part, misplaced part, tombstoning, Manhattan effect, polarity, flipped part, scratch, foreign object, solder ball, misalignment, rotation, raised chip, foot or IC, drilled parts and etc.
  • Optional 10 megapixel side cameras
  • Intelli-Beam 3D laser height measurement with up to four (4) accurate measurements on BGA and CSP components
  • Faulty component marking
  • Manual or automatic barcode reading with camera
  • Remote programming, debug and SPC software
  • 8 x Moire mapping

    Shadowless 3D imaging technology

  • Wider field of view (FOV)

    15 MP camera with larger field of view, shorter cycle times.

  • Up to 25 MP camera

    The highest resolution available on the market.

  • Telecentric lens exchange system

    The image is not distorted at the edge of the field of view!

  • CoaxPress technology

    Enhanced data transmission technology

  • 8 different lighting directions

    For OCR, Polarity, solder joints or other challenging surfaces.

  • Laser height measurement

  • Laser panel curvature analysis